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Chapter 90: All Bark and No Bite

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Compared to her second aunt, who had used her career to establish her social status, her mother was pathetic.

Every time she saw her mother mocking her aunt with a contemptuous tone, she realized that her mother really was dimwitted.

It wasnt that her second aunt was a tolerant person, but rather, because they were on the same level, she considered it beneath her to bother arguing with Liang Xiuqin about it.

However, the fact was, the more inferior that Liang Xiuqins mocking made her feel, the more she liked to provoke and antagonize her back.

Yao Ying glanced at the invitations in Liang Xiuqins hand and smiled as she put hers away.

“Second aunt, I also would like to go to the auction.

Ive never seen what an auction is like before.

Can you take me there with you”

Yun Xi suddenly spoke up, and Yao Ying froze.

Then she smiled and handed her an invitation.

“Okay, sure, Ill take you.”

“Its good to see the outside world more.” Yun Yuanfeng seemed to think of something and turned toward Liang Xiuqin.

“You take the two children also.”

“Chuhans academic work is difficult at this time.

The first year of high school is a critical year.

She should be staying at home to review her schoolwork.

I will take Ziling and Xinyi there.”

Liang Xiuqin didnt ask Yun Chuhans opinion and directly decided for her.

Yun Chuhan pouted, her eyes darkened, and she lowered her head without speaking.

Her mothers favoritism wasnt something new.

It had been like this for more than a decade, so she wasnt surprised.

However, her mother couldnt stop Yun Xi from going, so she was either planning on teaching her a lesson there or scheming against her.

In the kind of place where all the wealthy and famous people gather, whether or not her mother succeeded or failed, if Yun Xi suffered misfortune, the entire Yun family would be implicated.

But her mother was always the one digging her own grave.

Yun Xi was beyond caring.

At this point, it had nothing to do with her.

Liang Xiuqin, Yun Ziling, and Liang Xinyi spent all their time and energy fighting their own kin.

As for their mutual destruction, with Yun Ziling and Liang Xinyis small brains, it wouldnt be difficult to finish them off.

Yun Xi raised her eyes to glance at Yun Chuhan and understood the resentful expression on her face.

The relationship between her mother and Yun Chuhan was a tense one that had been slowly building up throughout the years.

Yun Xi didnt even need to do anything, because it was going to blow up eventually.

Yun Chuhan was smarter than Yun Ziling, and she also understood the importance of being subtle.

As the saying goes, all bark and no bite.

On Thursday afternoon, Yun Xi only had two classes.

After theyd ended, Yun Xi slipped away with her books.

Liang Xinyi remained in the classroom trying to social climb, and she didnt pay any attention to where Yun Xi had gone.

After arriving at the agreed place, Yun Xi stared at the familiar license plate and stepped forward to knock on the window of the passenger seat.

The window of the passenger seat slowly lowered, but the person who had come to pick her up was not Su Hang, but instead Young Marshal Mu, who she had recently stood up.

Shed promised to climb out her window one night and go up to the mountain to find him, then run back in the morning.

But shed forgotten about it, and, frankly, she didnt care about it at all.

But she didnt expect that he would come directly to find her.

From where she was standing, she could see his angular profile, his haughty countenance, and his sophisticated air.

Chilly air seemed to blow into her face.

It was already autumn, and Yun Xi couldnt help but shiver.

“Young Marshal Mu, why are you here”

“Get in the car.” The man in the drivers seat murmured.

Yun Xi froze for a moment, then frowned slightly.

“If Su Hang is not available, then I will go home.”

The face of the man in the car suddenly darkened, his forehead seemed to twitch, and his cold eyes glanced at her.

“Either you get in the car yourself, or I will come around and grab you.

You choose!”

Yun Xi thought about it for a moment, and, in the end, she had no other choice but to relent.

God knew what outrageous thing he would do otherwise.

As soon shed sat down, before she could even buckle her seat belt, the car sped away.

Yun Xi frowned as she stared at the man in the drivers seat.

Perhaps he had a couple tons of gunpowder

The car drove out of the downtown area and all the way to some scenic spot on the outskirts of town.

Ginkgo trees were planted all around and sprinkled the ground golden.

The car gradually slowed down, but neither of them spoke.

Yun Xi turned her head, and she suddenly discovered that Mu Feichi had a mature and steady presence when actually driving.

In her last life, Han Yaotian had always been arrogant when driving.

But Mu Feichi was different.

The vibe he gave off intimidated people from acting too casually in front of him.

For a while, as if she was dazed by his profile, she felt somewhat as if she had fallen into a trance.

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