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Chapter 904: My Rank Is Higher Than His

It had been three months since hed seen her.

She was far more mature and composed than shed been.

Her delicate face had darkened slightly because of the training, yet it couldnt shroud her sparkle.

His sweetheart baby, despite him not being there to shelter her, had grown despite all odds.

She was becoming more and more resilient, more and more strong, and she made him more and more proud.

Hed thought about many things during the past three months, and hed understood why shed decided to secretly go with Yan Shuo.

His stubbornness and insistence had been only a shackle that hindered the footsteps of her growth.

Real love wasnt to protect and shelter her and give her a lifetime of peace and safety.

Real love was to allow her to grow until she had the ability to stand and fight side by side with him.

“Got it, Ill contact the president and the embassy right now.

This is a diplomatic issue.

We will face many restrictions trying to save the hostages on another nations territory.

But dont worry, Ill take care of it.”

Yun Xi nodded, and just as she was about to say something, Feng Ruis voice came from outside, “Young Commander, Instructor Yan is looking for you.”

Mu Feichi lowered his eyes and replied with a frown, “Rank above all, my rank is higher than his, tell him to f*ck off!”

After all, he was still mad at him for quietly taking Yun Xi away and leaving him to worry for three whole months.

There was no reason for him to just forgive him like that.

Perhaps he should rejoice that Yan Shuo hadnt tortured his sweetheart baby to death and had sent her back in one piece.

“Instructor Yan took very special care of me, and, although he was strict, I was able to learn much from him.

I think Im much more qualified to fight alongside you now and have earned the right to stand beside you.

Young Commander, you shouldnt throw tantrums at him.”

It was rare to hear Yun Xi say something so spontaneous.

Mu Feichi snorted softly and stood up carrying her in his arms, pulling her out of the tent.

Those who were still standing outside the tent walked over without saying a thing.

Although theyd heard the sounds of what the two were doing in the tent, they all tacitly understood not to joke about it.

From the corner of his eyes, Yan Shuo glanced at Mu Feichis domineering, unreasonable expression.

He raised his eyebrows with a sense of arrogance and said, “Whats this, you no longer see me as your instructor after graduating”

“Before you brought my person away, did you remember that youre my instructor”

“Am I not returning her back to you completely unscathed” Yan Shuo snickered.

“Since your rank is higher than mine, you can deal with the issue this time by yourself.”

“No need for you to remind me.” Mu Feichi snorted and dragged Yun Xi toward the organizers tent.

As he walked, he instructed Li Zilan, “Call the president and report whats happening here, have Grey Wolf check the identities of the experts that have gone missing.

Jin Lei, inform the person in charge of the embassy, I want a call with them.”

“Yes, sir!” Everyone answered before walking briskly toward the equipment room to make their phone calls.

Looking at them walking away, Yan Shuo closed his eyes halfway and rubbed his forehead.

Its been so many years, yet this kid Mu Feichi still didnt bother to give anyone face.

His hot temper was even more antagonistic than his fathers.

Because the matter involved diplomatic relations between the two countries, as well as international drug dealers, the organizing committee had to carefully consider Mu Feichis proposal.

However, they didnt dare to have them risk themselves either.

The moment something happened to any of their team members, the organizing committee would have to face the United Nations questioning.

Thus, after talking things over with Mu Feichi, they gathered all of the special forces from the various countries.

The committee asked if anyone wanted to participate in this operation of their own accord and put together a rescue team to save the hostages.

Mu Feichi personally contacted the head of the United Nations Security Council to report the situation here.

The Council gave orders to the organizing committee and agreed to their final operation plan.

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