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Chapter 905: Her Own Request

There werent many people who decided to participate in the operation, only a total of five from the Italian and German teams joined in.

These were people who really admired Mu Feichis capabilities and wanted to fight alongside him.

They were soldiers who wanted to use this opportunity to earn prestige and glory in their military life once again.

A total of ten people were involved in the operation, which wasnt a lot.

While waiting for the organizing committee to prepare the firearms with live rounds and other equipment, Yun Xi and Yan Shuo walked into the tent.

“Young Commander, I request to participate in this operation.”

Standing beside Yan Shuo, Yun Xi turned toward Mu Feichi who was standing in the front and planning out the operation.

Her eyes were resilient and insistent.

Mu Feichi looked up.

He had specifically avoided them for the discussion of the operation plan because he didnt want her to join them.

He didnt expect that she would actively request to participate.

“Im rather familiar with the terrain of the rain forest village, let me come with you.”

Mu Feichi glanced at Yun Xi before turning toward Yan Shuo.

His gaze was cold and razor-sharp as it pointed toward his former instructor.

“Is this your asking”

“What, are you questioning me” Yan Shuo glanced at Mu Feichi and snorted.

“This is her own decision.

If we had had weapons on us, we wouldve settled this ourselves a while ago.

We didnt need you.”

These two who were both friends and teacher and student started to quarrel the moment they saw each other.

Yun Xi looked back and forth between them.

She was of course fully aware that Mu Feichi wasnt willing to let her go on the battlefield, but she wasnt willing to let Yan Shuo take the blame for her.

“Young Commander, this was my own request.

It has nothing to do with the instructor.”

To her, this was real combat experience and she didnt want to miss it.

It was also an opportunity to let him see what shed learned from Yan Shuo during the past few months.

From the moment shed decided to leave with Yan Shuo, she had expected to face a situation like this in the future.

The more she learned from Instructor Yan, the more she felt fearless against the incoming odds.

Perhaps that was the meaning of skill giving rise to courage.

Mu Feichi glanced at Yun Xi and waved his hand toward the others in the tent, “Go outside.

I have something to tell her.”

Regardless of whether it was a scolding or he really had something to tell her, the others all took the hint and stood up to exit the tent.

Now, Yun Xi was facing Mu Feichis pressure up close and alone.

“Young Commander…please say what you want to say.

You…youre getting too close like this, I…I…cant breathe.

Mu Feichi reached out and rubbed Yun Xis head, and he sighed, “Babe, this is the real battlefield with live rounds and actual weapons, its not the training ground that youre used to every day.

One wrong move, and it could mean death.”

“I just wanted to let you see that Im now capable of fighting alongside you.”

If he always sheltered her under his wings, everything she learned could only be used to protect herself.

There would still be a great distance between them, and she could forget about stepping over this hurdle for the rest of her life.

“I know that youre strong enough now.

You dont have to prove it to me.”

“I dont care.

I want to participate in the operations planning as well.

I was listening outside just now.

There are some modifications that can be made to the plan.”

She didnt bother with whether he approved or not.

She straight away took the operations planning list from his hands and started to examine it.

“…” Mu Feichi was unsure how to react to Yun Xis brazen actions.

He knew that if he didnt agree today, Yun Xi would definitely fight with him until the very end.

She might even sneak over on her own accord, which would be even more difficult to anticipate.

“I counted before I came over.

There are snipers at the vantage points along the outer circle of the village, three checkpoints at the entrance guarded by 12 people.

Inside the village, there are six people patrolling the area, as for the number of people inside the houses Im not sure.”

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