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Chapter 906: Seeing Is Believing

“On our side, including Instructor Yan and myself, we have only 12 men.

Even though were outnumbered, I believe we can take care of the men and snipers guarding the entrance if we use guns with silencers.

Thereafter, well be able to secure the vantage point and thus have the upper hand for the rest of our men to advance and infiltrate the village…”

Listening attentively to her plan, Mu Feichi could not deny the fact that her plan was almost as well thought through as his had been.

With a plan similar to his, he had no reason to disapprove of it at all.

Left without a choice, Mu Feichi gave his consent.

“All right then, lets proceed according to your battle plan.

That being said, members of the special forces of other countries are involved in this battle, hence, there needs to be a special understanding and cooperation between you and their team.

Do you understand what Im implying”

Yun Xi nodded.

“Yes, I do.

Im aware that we need to first discuss the battle plan with the team prior to our departure.

In addition, because this is a rescue operation of our nations people, the leadership role inevitably falls on us.

That being said, it is not ideal for us to put too much hope on them, despite them being our allies.

We shouldnt put all our eggs in one basket, am I right”


My darling now thinks things through more maturely and more consistently.”

Seeing Yun Xis growth, Mu Feichi had mixed feelings.

He knew better than anyone else that she needed to be as formidable as she was now if she wanted to stand by his side, and he was happy she had achieved that, but, at the same time, he felt different.

He really did not know whether to feel happy or sad about the changes in her.

He really had had no say in these matters.

The only thing he could think of now was that he had fewer concerns during this operation thanks to the fact that, under Yan Shuos guidance, Yun Xi had been tasked with all the housekeeping duties.

Hearing Mu Feichis compliment, Yun Xi gave him a subtle side glance.

Her eyes shone with confidence, and the corner of her lips turned up to form a pretty arc.

Indifferently charming and beautiful as always…

“And I must say, youre behaving more and more like the wife of the Young Commander should.

Very good!”

Pulling Yun Xi along behind him, Mu Feichi stepped out of the tent.

Noticing him exiting the tent, the people waiting outside turned their heads to look at him.

Judging by the calm and relaxed expression on Mu Feichis face as he emerged from the tent, they let out a sigh of relief, assuming that all had gone well and that the two of them must have come to an agreement.

Jin Lei summoned the rest of the team involved in the operation, which included a few foreigners, and they began discussing the battle plan that involved the cooperation of both parties.

Casting glances at the girl standing beside Mu Feichi, the expression on a few of the special forces soldiers faces gave away a look of doubt and disapproval.

In a frivolous tone, one of them casually questioned in English, “Is this little girl going to be participating in this operation too You must be kidding, Young Commander.”

Looking up with a calm, cool, and collected expression, Mu Feichi shot the questioner a bitter cold stare, one that carried a whiff of deterrence as strong as a kings.

“Yes, she will be participating in this operation.

Besides, this action plan was formulated by her.

Do you have a problem with that”

As a matter of fact, they did not have any issues with the battle plan.

In fact, there was not a single shortcoming for them to nitpick, be it the attack plan or the withdrawal plan that would commence once they had successfully completed the operation.

Both plans were undeniably detailed, clear, and straightforward.

Come to think of it, the plan was of such a flawless standard that even their commander might not have been able to come up with one as perfect.

Even so, none of them would have ever thought that it was this girl, who had appeared out of the blue, who was the person who had come up with such a perfect battle plan.

Glancing at each other, the five soldiers from the foreign special forces registered the same looks of disbelief and astonishment.

“She…shes still a kid, how is it possible that shes able to come up with a plan so thorough”

“Right God, I cannot believe this!”

“Young Commander, youre not playing a joke on us, right A girl as young as she, how is she able to…”

“Exactly! I doubt she knows how to fire a gun.

We wouldnt dare put our lives into her hands, a kid like that.”

Mu Feichi let out a snort, but was in no hurry to help Yun Xi explain herself.

“If youre doubtful and have any questions regarding her skills and marksmanship, we can test them out on the training ground right this moment.

We can have a competition to prove her skills.

After all, seeing is believing, isnt that right”

Upon hearing that, the soldier from the foreign special forces who had spoken up earlier stood up.

Among the others, he was the first to step forward.

He refused to believe that a young girl like Yun Xi would possess much capability, let alone beat him.

He reckoned she might not even be taller than the barrel of a gun.

“Well then, lets do it.

Well test her abilities.

I do not wish to put my life in the hands of a little girl.”

Mu Feichi nodded in agreement.

Then, he reached out to grab his sniper rifle from Jin Leis hands and handed it to Yun Xi.

On his handsome face, a quick smile revealed a trace of cheekiness, which seemed as if he was waiting to catch a good show.

“My dear, I, too, would love to see how much youve learned from Lord Yan.

If you were to disgrace him, theres no doubt it would be an unforgettable stain on his life.

Youd leave such an impression.”

With a pat on her back, he said, “Do well.

Im looking forward to your performance!”

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