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Chapter 908: True Strength Speaks for Itself

Her score was 10, 10, and 10.9.

The score of 10.9, which is the most center ring in the middle of the target, was beyond the expectations of everyone.

This achievement was difficult to achieve, even for the professionally trained special forces.

And this girl had attained the highest score with just three shots.

Her marksmanship was more accurate than that of those who were professionally trained.

Li Zilan looked at the target with disbelief.

Yun Xi had attained such marksmanship within a short period and was almost comparable to her.

If it was not because of Yan Shuos good training, then it had to be her natural inherent talent.

“Such a fantastic score, indeed a real talent.”

“It has been a long time since Ive last seen such a result at this range.


“……” Comments in different languages spread throughout the group of people instantly.

Feng Rui used his elbow and nudged Qi Yuan, who was standing beside him, “Hey, even you could hardly achieve this score, right In less than three months, this girl has made such amazing progress.

Its incredible!”

Qi Yuan smiled.

“Didnt you notice who taught her A reputable teacher makes a good apprentice.

Didnt your teacher teach you that”

“It looks like its impossible for Young Commander to smack Yan Shuo in the face.”

“This girl is gifted with good talent.

With the guidance of a reputable teacher, she will be able to fight side by side with Young Commander in the near future!”

Mu Feichi frowned, squinted, and looked at the hits on the target.

He turned and looked at Yun Xi, asking, “Three shots on the 10.9 ring with only one bullet hole, are you able to do it”

He was not asking for an answer.

He just wanted to confirm his own guess.

The true ability of this girl was more than this.

For a score of two 10s and one 10.9, if the first shot was right in the center of the target and the next two shots followed through the same bullet hole, then there would only be one bullet hole in the target.

The score of three 10.9s would have caused the arrogant Italian Special Forces soldier to be skeptical.

He would have suspected that only one shot had hit the target and the other two had been misses.

So, she had deliberately shot three bullet holes.

It was obviously to let the opponent see that all three shots had hit the target, straightaway eliminating their doubts and ridicule regarding the two off-target shots.

It must be beyond the expectations of all that a professionally trained special forces soldier would attain a worse score than a little girl.

Yun Xi blinked her eyes and nodded.

Her eyes flickered slightly, as a subtle flame floated at the bottom of her eyes.

Her calm answer directly confirmed the speculations of a few of them.

Three shots at the 10.9 ring would only be attainable by a top-class sniper like Li Zilan.

But Yun Xi could achieve it with just three months of training.

How could it not have amazed them

The Italian Special Forces soldier scrutinized the bullet holes on the target, then looked at the indifferent Yun Xi.

He stared at her with big, wide eyes for a long while without being able to utter a word.

What is this Facts had proven that true strength was the most direct and effective way to give a smack in the face.

Ignoring the comments of those around her, Yun Xi lifted the sniper rifle in her hand and returned it to Jin Lei, then raised her hand and patted Mu Feichi on the shoulder.

In the same teasing tone that he had used previously, she said, “Young Commander, Instructor Yans face is not so easy to smack.

Respecting the old and loving the young is a virtue of our tradition, which is a good thing and I hope you have it too.”

“Baby, whose side are you on”

Listening to his darling seriously teaching him a lesson, the corner of Mu Feichis eyes twitched and his face wore an expression of not knowing whether to laugh or cry.

Hed wanted to see her embarrass Yan Shuo, but had not been successful.

Instead, he was the one who had received a smack in the face by her on this occasion.

She was really ready to live up to the name of the woman he fancied, always helping others to go against him.

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