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Chapter 909: His Sweet Burden

Yun Xi always held with the principle that if she could speak with actions, she shouldnt be babbling with her mouth.

Those three shots were enough to shut the mouths of those who had been questioning her capabilities.

But she had only done this to prove her worth in order to enter the operation.

She wasnt trying to contend for commanding rights with Mu Feichi.

When it came to commanding the operation, she definitely wasnt as experienced at Mu Feichi.

Furthermore, this was actual combat fought with live rounds.

A tiny bit of carelessness, mishap, or slipup could cause grave consequences.

She wasnt going to use anyone elses life as a stepping stone for her training.

After the contest ended, Yun Xi stood silently behind Mu Feichi and listened to him discuss the operation plan in English with the other team members.

In the evening, the weapons provided by the organizing committee had arrived at the training grounds.

More than ten people gathered in the organizers tent, where the atmosphere was quiet and solemn.

Each combatant participating in the operation quickly received their weapons and equipment.

Then they silently started to load their ammunition and assemble their tactical devices.

The preparation before the fight made everyones nerves tighten up.

Yun Xi seemed to be affected by this atmosphere as well.

She kept her head down and searched for her weapons and equipment from the supply box.

“You use this gun.

Ive already loaded the bullets for you.”

A blacked-out sniper rifle was passed to her.

She looked up to see who it was.

Unsurprisingly, she saw Mu Feichis solemn, handsome face, his deep gaze containing a seriousness that she had never seen before.

Mu Feichi passed her a light portable sniper rifle.

His sharp, sturdy temperament as a soldier clearly and directly told her that the man who stood before her was no longer the foolish dictator who would disregard everything else for his woman.

Rather, he was now a well-trained professional soldier with strict standards.

“Regardless of what kind of training youve gone through under Lord Yan, we only have one target for todays operation: rescue the hostages, come back safely!”

This was his first time agreeing to her fighting alongside him.

There was both excitement and concern, an indescribably convoluted emotion.

He had never told her why he wouldnt let her fight alongside him, and hed allowed her to make all kinds of guesses, even letting her think that she wasnt qualified enough for it.

He didnt explain or even say anything more.

But most important, he didnt tell her that it wasnt that he wanted to disagree, it was that her life at this point outweighed everything else to him.

On the battlefield, if she wasnt strong enough to defend herself, then he would have to shoulder the burden of her life, as well the life of all his comrades.

She was his sweet burden.

If he moved forward with such a load, he wouldnt be able to focus on the battle.

He would have reservations, doubts, and weaknesses.

The moment he started to worry about all of these things, he would no longer be the invincible, undefeatable God of War who was Mu Feichi.

But now, she had the strength and capability to fight alongside him, and he no longer needed to divert his attention to her.

He firmly believed that she wouldnt let him down.

“I understand!” Yun Xi nodded.

She slung the rifle over her shoulder and stood beside Li Zilan, awaiting his commands and arrangements.

Yan Shuo stood silently on the sidelines, watching Mu Feichi arrange the operation.

Mu Feichi had always been his most outstanding student, and now, in some ways, he had already surpassed his teacher.

This arrogant, haughty young master of the Mu family had been ground and polished by age and war.

He had shed the rough corners and his naivete to become a true soldier who stood tall among all others and had earned a name for himself.

He looked at Mu Feichi and took over the microphone of the radio and the surveillance control, as he said, “I will be commanding the operation from behind.

As usual, Ill leave the battlefield to you.”

He hadnt been on the battlefield for a long time.

Its not that he couldnt, its just that this was the battlefield of the younger generation.

He wanted them to hone and advance themselves through this experience.

Especially so for Yun Xi… This was the first time she was fighting alongside Mu Feichi.

There were many things worth learning from him.

Compared to training with him, following Mu Feichi in actual combat was far more effective for accumulating experience.

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