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Chapter 910: Only One Consequence: Death

While the organizing committee was repeatedly reminding the team about the importance of safety in this operation, the people outside the tent suddenly started making a commotion.

Yun Xi and the organizers came out of the tent.

When she saw the figure lying on the ground and the special forces soldiers crowding around him, she roughly figured out what was going on.

Theyd found the soldier whod tried to lay his hands on Li Zilan in the rain forest.

Of course, he had turned into a corpse.

Someone had already checked the body and reported the details to the head of the organizing committee who came out of the tent.

As the organizer, a fatal incident happening in the tournament definitely wasnt a good thing.

The group had started quarreling because of this.

Mu Feichi listened to them talk as he bent down to check the body.

He turned to look at Yun Xi, “He died from a snake bite”

Yun Xi nodded, but didnt elaborate further.

Mu Feichi was immediately able to tell that there was something strange about her expression.

He stood up and came right up beside her ear.

He asked, “Babe, are you hiding something from me”

“…” Yun Xis eyes narrowed, and she dragged him out from the crowd, which was engaged in a fierce discussion.

“He tried to lay his hands on Instructor Zilan, so, you know…”

Mu Feichi finally understood what was going on.

He paused and lowered his gaze to look at her, his deep dark eyes sharper and more intense than usual.

He said, “This doesnt seem like something you would do.”

“I did it,” Yan Shuo replied impassively from behind them.

He didnt need someone else to answer for something he had done.

Mu Feichi glanced at Yan Shuo from the corner of his eyes, his lips curled up slightly, and he didnt say anything.

In this case, there was nothing surprising.

This indeed looked like something that Lord Yan would do.

If it had been Mu Feichi, and someone had dared to lay hands on his sweetheart baby, there would be only one consequence for them: death!

Dusk fell upon the rain forest… A nighttime operation made it easier for the soldiers to conceal themselves and easier to launch an attack.

The 11 of them advanced through the rain forest.

The forest didnt sleep at night, and the buzzing and chirps of bugs echoed around their ears.

Following Yun Xis lead, the highly trained soldiers moved through the forest at the fastest pace possible, finally reaching the outer circle of the village.

After more than two months of training, Yun Xi had already adapted to a nocturnal schedule.

From the desert to the mountains and now to the rain forest, it had become easy for her to deal with all these different environments.

Standing outside the village, Mu Feichi used his infrared binoculars to scan the situation inside the village and around it.

After confirming that the situation generally matched up with what Yun Xi had described, he started to assign the tasks for each person.

“Li Zilan, youll take the vantage point at 3:00 oclock.”

“Jin Lei, youll be in charge of the sniper on the right wing.”

“Qi Yuan, Feng Rui, sweep the outer circle and wait for my signal.”

“Yun Xi, follow me!”

After giving the orders, he looked toward the captain of the Italian special forces team who was also commanding his team calmly and meticulously.

During the actual operation, they would be a formidable force as well.

After they briefly exchanged information on their arrangements and the areas they were in charge of, they commenced the operation.

Soon, they could hear each other reporting on the intercom through their earpieces, “Reached target.”

“Reached vantage point.”

Mu Feichi looked at the entrance of the village through his binoculars and said to Li Zilan who was up at the vantage point, “Li Zilan, settle the guys at the gate.”

“Yes, sir!”

By the time the two of them reached the entrance of the village with the five from the Italian team, the enemies at the gates had already been taken out by Li Zilan.

Beside the entrance, Mu Feichi took a look at the patrolling team that was walking toward them from not too far away.

The moment they took them out, it would definitely alarm the people inside the houses.

That was the time when the coordination between the two teams became crucial.

Mu Feichi looked at the Italian team captain, and they both made a hand signal to each other.

The two teams were in charge of different targets, with the common aim of taking out the mercenaries patrolling the village within the shortest time possible without anyone noticing.

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