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Chapter 91: You Couldve Seemed Even More Clever

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Eventually, the car came to a stop at the door of a large villa hidden away deep in the mountains.

The villa was high up the mountain, and there were beautiful, panoramic views of the scenery.

The house was standing alone on a high plain.

Living in the mountains must have seemed somewhat unsettling and frightening at night.

Mu Feichi parked the car and turned around to help her unfasten her seat belt.

Even though he had been fired up moments before, now he was acting like an impeccably mannered gentleman.

“Young Marshal Mu, I would like to ask, are you making that face at me because I am the source of your fury”

Although she knew that the source of his anger was probably her, wouldnt it be embarrassing if it wasnt

“What did you say” Mu Feichi stopped swiftly, then turned his head to stare at her with a sulky expression.

The aggression in his eyes made Yun Xi feel chills rising on her back.

Pretending to be oblivious, she blinked and asked, “When Where Why”

Her playing dumb and speaking to him in such a self-righteous tone actually quelled Mu Feichis anger.

No matter how angry he was, his anger had been completely dissipated by her saucy mannerisms.

For the past 20 years, he had been used to getting exactly what he wanted whenever he wanted it, and no one had dared to challenge the authority of Mu Feichi.

No one dared to speak to him in that tone, especially after hed earned the title of Young Marshal Mu.

This little rascal not only had no fear of him, it could even be said that she didnt take him seriously.

Such audacity and her intrepid desire to compete against him were intriguing and refreshing to him.

He just couldnt stay angry at her.

She started babbling at him in English, so Mu Feichi answered her questions in English with a pronunciation that was much better than hers.

Although he thought she probably couldnt understand him, Mu Feichi didnt intend to explain.

He turned around to lead her up the stairs.

“…” He thought she didnt understand, but in reality, shed actually understood him.

He was teasing her.

No, considering the context of this situation, he was probably making fun of her.

What hed said to her in English was, roughly, “Although you were trying to be quiet, you actually were stealing a ringing bell.

Its a pity that your acting skills are so terrible.

Otherwise, you couldve seemed even more clever.”

“Young Marshal Mu! What did I do wrong You asked me to sneak out and come to find you, but I never said that I would actually do it.”

It wasnt her fault for standing him up.

At the door of the villa, he turned his head to look at her, and his gloomy eyes were cold.

“You seem to keep your promises to Su Hang.”

“Thats because Id agreed to meet with him.”

“Shut up!” He didnt want to argue with her about this issue and opened the door.

Yun Xi shrugged, shut her mouth obediently, and followed him into the villa.

As soon as shed stepped into the villa, Yun Xi could feel that there were a lot of eyes on her.

It seemed quiet, but there were many security guards in the dark.

Upon hearing their sounds, Su Hang came downstairs and playfully greeted Yun Xi.

“Little Yun Xi, Im sorry.

Something came up at the last minute so I couldnt pick you up and had to ask His Highness Young Marshal Mu to do me a favor.”


Su, theres a word called rescheduling…”

When Su Hang heard this and saw Yun Xis disgruntled face and Young Marshal Mus intimidating expression, he let out an awkward cough.

All right! He couldnt tell her the truth and say that he had been forced.

All because his boss was jealous of his relationship with her.

Marshal Mu had assertively decided to pick her up and ordered him not to step out of the villa, or else.

Otherwise, all the people outside would have their guns aimed at his head.

His life was very important to him, so he had no choice but to sell Yun Xi out to his boss.

Unwilling to continue this unpleasant topic, Su Hang beckoned to Yun Xi.

“Since youre here, shall I take you on a tour of my laboratory”

“Okay! I coincidentally wanted to use your laboratory to mix up a medical formula.”

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