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Chapter 911: Firm and Aggressive Decisions

The patrol team soon noticed that the guards at the entrance of the village were gone.

They sounded an urgent, shrill whistle through the village, which they had painstakingly just gotten to quieten down.

The group quickly raced toward the entrance of the village.

Before they got too close, bullets from a distant vantage point were fired toward them.

Several muffled sounds from a silenced gun sounded within the quiet village, and the sound of Li Zilan and Jin Lei clearing the obstacles sounded over the earpieces.

The humid air was filled with the stench of rotting corpses and a faint smell of smoke.

The obstacles at the entrance of the village had been cleared, but the whistle had alerted the enemy that an ambush was surrounding them.

In the dim light, a group of people hurriedly rushed out of a house.

Some of them were shot in the head and fell straight to the ground before they could even pull the trigger.

The women, who had been awakened by the gunshots, began to scream in the house.

Their piercing, terrified shrieks sounded throughout the whole village.

Yun Xi remembered the womans scream she had heard in the rain forest this morning.

Her eyes were sharp and cold, like a new blade coming out of its sheath in the cold night, revealing its ability.

Mu Feichi noticed something about the man who had just run out of the house and was shot dead.

Dressing as he walked and carrying a gun with a battered appearance, any man would have understood what had happened in the village.

From the outside, the smell of putrid corpses made them nauseous, but also caused their blood to surge up violently.

It was a feeling of righteousness, a justification of light and a justice to overthrow the darkness.

To them, there was no excuse that could be replaced by the slaughtering of lives.

Such atrocities deserved to be cast to hell!

The men who ran out of the houses were quickly shot dead by the snipers from their vantage points.

Yun Xi quickly leaped into the house and found, on the bed, a female villager, who was naked and very messed up.

“Dont worry! Im here to rescue you.”

Yun Xi quickly pulled a blanket from the ground and wrapped it around the terrified woman.

She communicated with her in English slowly.

She was a local villager and could only speak the local language.

Yun Xi was not familiar with the local language of Country S.

It took her a great deal of effort to express herself with the few limited sentences she had picked up.

The female villager, although muddled, appeared to understand her.

With trembling hands and a panicky expression, she put on the clothes handed to her by Yun Xi, saying words in a language that Yun Xi completely could not understand.

Listening to her trying to express herself with hand gestures, Yun Xi felt a little apprehensive.

After some thought, she speedily drew out the parachute knife from the harness on her leg and made a few scratches on the ground.

The female villager figured out what she meant, took the knife and sketched on the ground a simple map of the village.

In a quick moment, from the brief information she had provided, Yun Xi figured out the number of people in the village and the specific location of the three experts.

“Hide yourself!” Yun Xi made a gesture to her and hastily went out of the house.

Outside the house, Mu Feichi stood vigilantly.

After she came out, they hurriedly walked deeper into the village.

“There are still more than 30 intruders in the village.

The three experts are locked up next to the house of the villages chief.

The leader of the intruders is now living in the house of the villages chief and has held the family of the villages chief hostage.

Many of the villages children are locked up in a house at the south side of the village.”

Mu Feichi nodded, pressed on his earpiece, and instructed his team: “Jin Lei, go to the south side to rescue the children; Feng Rui and Qi Yuan, provide support.”

Beneath the night sky, the mans deep, low, commanding voice permeated the air that was filled with the stench of blood.

Firm and aggressive decisions, without the slightest hesitation…

Mu Feichi took along Yun Xi, as well as those folks who had gotten rid of the intruders at the entrance.

He led the group of seven, including the Italians, quickly to the house of the villages chief.

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