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Chapter 914: No Worries on the Road Ahead

Yun Xi reached for the knife that she had strapped to her ankle and used it to measure the distance between the wire and the ground.

Once she confirmed that she could crawl under it, she gently tied a red string on the wire.

Turning over, she lay flat on the grass and took a deep breath.

With her back flat on the ground, Yun Xi placed her hands by her sides and put her feet together.

Then she tilted her head up slightly and started pushing herself forward using the strength from her feet.

Yun Xi looked at the wire directly above her nose as she moved.

The wire was really close to her, so she took her time to move slowly and calmly.

However, she didnt dare to relax at all.

It was fortunate that she had lost some weight from her recent training.

Otherwise, it would not have been easy to crawl under the wire that had only a very small area of allowance under it.

Yun Xi sprinkled the luminous powder that glowed on the ground as she inched forward.

At the same time, she also brushed her hands across the grass to hide the glowing powder.

The mud brushed her hair and the back of her neck, but she didnt have time to care.

Yun Xi slowly pulled her legs away from the wire, bit by bit.

Once Yun Xi got away from the wire, she flipped over on her stomach and continued crawling forward within the specific area.

The mercenaries were looking around vigilantly as they patrolled outside the house.

Yun Xi stayed hidden in the grass and only continued to crawl forward when they were looking away.

Mu Feichi saw that Yun Xi was being cautious.

He looked at her move carefully under the wire and noticed that she could still move calmly even though the wire had briefly brushed her chest.

Yun Xi exerted all her strength to do something that seemed effortless.

The whole process looked like a slow-motion clip.

Although Mu Feichi was just a bystander, he didnt dare to relax, and he felt like his nerves were about to snap at any time.

Yun Xi successfully reached the foot of the mountain very quickly.

Only a few feet away, two mercenary soldiers were standing at the bottom of the Z-shaped stairs.

Yun Xi quietly drew out her small gun with a silencer and aimed at the targets near her.

With two silent shots, the two mercenary soldiers were shot dead.

Yun Xi looked up at the other five mercenaries patrolling outside the house.

Then, like a cheetah hunting at night, she quickly jumped forward and went up the stairs slowly while leaning against the mountain wall.

Among the five soldiers who were left, two of them were at the top of the stairs.

They were the closest to her and the easiest to get at.

The remaining three were further from her, and they would be alerted once there was a commotion.

Then there could also be a possibility that those in the house would wake up too.

So Yun Xi had to shoot at the three of them further away from her first.

She had to be fast and accurate in the process, with no delays and absolutely no hesitation.

Otherwise, when the three soldiers were killed, the two nearer to her would shoot at her once they sensed something wrong.

So she had to act fast.

Crouching down, Yun Xi immediately fired her gun at the three soldiers when the two nearer to her had turned away.

Even though the gun had a silencer, the fired shots still caught the attention of the two mercenary soldiers nearby.

Just as she saw those she shot fall to the ground, the two mercenary soldiers nearby saw her.

They held up their guns and were ready to shoot at her, even before she could react.

Mu Feichi had been watching closely from afar, and he immediately fired two shots right at this critical moment.

Before they could fire their guns at Yun Xi, the two shots from Mu Feichi had already solved the crisis!

Yun Xi heaved a sigh of relief when the two soldiers fell to the ground.

If there had been any delays, she could have gotten shot right in her head.

With Mu Feichi covering her back, she would never have to worry about anything on her road ahead.

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