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Chapter 916: Protecting His Girl

Li Zilan joined up with Yun Xi after she arrived.

The two of them dealt with all of the landmines in a calm and composed manner.

Clearing out the mines wasnt difficult for them, but this was the first time that the two of them had worked with each other on the battlefield.

This was a new and novel feeling for Yun Xi.

After theyd cleared out the mines, Mu Feichi came over after talking to the village chief.

Fortunately, the daughter of the village chief understood a bit of English and was able to communicate with them a little.

This had originally been a peaceful village in the rain forest, which had then been hit by a sudden catastrophe.

The people who had attacked them were truly ruthless.

The mens corpses piled outside of the village were already starting to rot.

All they had left behind was a lifetime of agony and trauma for their spouses and families.

When Yun Xi saw Mu Feichi and the village chief walking over, she quickly stood up and walked toward them.

The drug lord who had kidnapped the experts had gotten away this time, which was an immense disappointment for them.

“How Did their leader go inside the deeper parts of the forest Or did he leave the area completely”

Mu Feichi sighed and rubbed her hair that was stained and messy.

“Theyve run away.

The mercenaries dont know where theyve gone either.

Perhaps they were warned beforehand, or they received the information just as we entered the village and ran away.”

The rain forest was huge, and it was dense with trees and bushes in every direction.

There was no way of knowing in which direction the drug lord had escaped.

If they chased after him rashly, there was a significant chance that they could be trapped in the forest.

Even if they were lucky to not be killed by venomous bugs or snakes, it wouldnt be easy surviving in the forest without an ample supply of food and water.

“This is someone elses territory.

Ive already reported the situation to the higher-ups from this jurisdiction.

Theyll send people to keep watch on the rain forests exits and arrest anyone who comes out of it.”

Yun Xi nodded, then turned toward the three experts who were still squirming under the dim light.

She rubbed her face and walked back toward them.

She didnt feel satisfied just leaving like this.

The scum had killed so many people and nearly massacred the entire village, and in the end he was able to escape scot-free Abominable!

“When the three of you were kidnapped, did you see their leader Why did they kidnap you guys Did he get you guys here to manufacture drugs for him”

At least, that was what shed heard when shed eavesdropped on the mercenaries whod kidnapped them.

The three experts looked at Yun Xi.

Perhaps they thought that she was still just a kid and it was pointless telling her certain things.

They remained silent and didnt say anything.

Mu Feichi glanced over.

He could naturally tell what they were thinking.

The prejudice of these expert scholars was really getting on his nerves.

At this point, they were still hiding things from her.

She had risked her life to save theirs.

Not only did they not thank her, but now they were showing her an attitude.

Mu Feichi snorted, his eyes turned darker, and his gaze became colder.

He walked toward them, exuding an unreasonably domineering aura of protecting his girl.

“I am Mu Feichi, Young Commander of Jun Country.

Since you guys have reservations about speaking to a girl, you can tell me whatever you want to say.”

The moment the three experts heard the words Mu Feichi, they raised their heads all at the same time and looked at him as if they had seen their savior.

But, clearly, the one who had put her life on the line to save them was Yun Xi, whom they clearly didnt trust and didnt think highly of.

They were completely ignoring her.

Yun Xi smiled resignedly and moved behind Mu Feichi to listen to her spokesperson question them.

As she listened to him question them, Yun Xi used her finger to write down the questions she wanted to ask on Mu Feichis back.

Mu Feichi frowned and passed on her questions to the three foolish experts.

Based on the threes descriptions, Yun Xi had a rough understanding of this leader that they hadnt had the chance to meet.

For some reason, the image that floated into her head gave her a sense of familiarity.

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