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Chapter 917: Respect and Admiration

She wasnt sure if she had had the wrong impression.

Perhaps she was just overthinking it.

She didnt dwell on that sense of familiarity.

Li Zilan and Jin Lei stood below a tree nearby and watched the two of them, leaning on each other.

They couldnt help but sigh.

Li Zilan said, “As expected of our Young Commander, theyve created a honeymoon out of the battlefield.

How big of a third wheel do you think we are”

“Im not sure how big, but Ive surely seen enough PDA today!”

The two exchanged looks and walked away at the same time.

The crisis had been resolved.

The rest could be left up to the village chief.

The mercenaries who had been captured alive were taken away by the Italian special forces team.

After the questioning, before they left, the daughter of the village chief stopped Mu Feichi.

The little girl was holding up a wolves teeth necklace in her hands, and the bright smile on her young face was genuine and sincere.

Looking at her, Mu Feichi saw his young self on the battlefield back in the day, filled with so much hope for life and the future.

He reached out and took the necklace, and then he drew the blade which had been through many years with him.

He passed it to her and said, “I pray that you will never encounter such pain again, and hope that you will grow stronger to protect those whom you love.”

The girl nodded, not quite fully understanding what Mu Feichi had said, but her big dark eyes gleamed with admiration and reverence.

This man had saved her entire village.

He was like a god, pointing out the path of light ahead for them.

From just a few steps away, Yun Xi looked at this proud man quietly.

There was still some lingering cruelty and ruthlessness on his handsome face, left from moments before when he had been facing the enemy.

Yet, when facing this little girl who had been on the verge of death, he was able to display the softest, most gentle side of himself.

Under the dim lights, his prominent features were even more distinct and the faintest smile appeared on his thin lips.

This man was a combination of the solemnity of the soldier and the elegance of a young heir of a prominent family.

Every move of his could make others fall for him.

It didnt matter what sort of position he was in.

With his temperament and character, a man like Mu Feichi would always have the utmost charm that commanded respect and admiration.

Yun Xi could feel her little heart pounding.

She took a deep breath and turned away as she touched her face.

It felt so warm it was as if it was boiling, especially in contrast to the cooling night.

Some things, some people, were simply beyond her control.

Yet, she relished such unknowing indulgence with a sense of pride.

On their trip back, Mu Feichi pulled Yun Xi all the way to the back of the group.

The two of them walked one before the other, leaving a big gap with the group in front of them.

It was going to be dawn soon, and the dim glow of sunlight was beginning to rise in the rain forest.

Turning on a flashlight would only illuminate a small area.

Even in such lighting, Yun Xi felt strangely at ease whenever she thought about how there was someone behind her to back her up.

All they could hear in the quiet forest were the soft sounds of each others footsteps on the moist leaves littering the ground.

“Young Commander, Id been eyeing that blade of yours for quite a while…”

“Really Ill get you another one.

There are a lot of them in the training camp.

You can choose one that fits you better.

That one might be a little heavy for you.”

“I know.” She had tried his blade before and knew how heavy it was.

It was indeed quite a bit heavier than the one she was using currently and wasnt quite suitable for her wrist.

After being separated for such a long time, it hadnt even been ten hours since the two had reunited.

Yet, they realized that many things that they wanted to say to each other were stuck in their throats now.

Both of them were unsure of how to say what they wanted to say, especially in such circumstances.

“Yun Xi…” As Mu Feichi walked along behind her on the forest trail, he turned his head to look at her.

Under the dim lighting of the dawn, it was as though he wanted to imprint her every expression inside his heart.

HMMM Yun Xi looked up to meet his gaze.

There was a passionate emotion in her pretty eyes.

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