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Chapter 918: Stand Beside Him

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“Weve been separated for so long, did…did you miss me”

“Huh” Yun Xi was a bit startled because she hadnt expected him to be so straightforward.

She was momentarily unsure of how to respond.

Her hand gripping the sniper rifle tightened a little.

She blinked several times and finally came up with something after a while, “Young Commander, you…why would you suddenly ask that”

Actually, she had many answers to this question of whether shed missed him.

She did actually miss him.

Every single day she would think about him, to a point that even Mu Feichi probably wouldnt believe her.

Before every training, Instructor Yan would tell her what Mu Feichis record had been for that training, and she would work toward that record.

During training, she would be thinking about standing alongside him, about his achievements, and the targets she would need to surpass.

He was her target.

As she followed Yan Shuo from the desert to the mountains, from the mountains to the rain forest, all along, she worked hard and fought through adversities.

But if he was referring to the other kind of missing him, she really hadnt had the time for that.

Before she could even miss him in that way, they had met unexpectedly.

It had been such a fateful encounter that she felt as if it was meant to be.

“I just wanted to know, after being separated for so long, did this heartless girl miss me”

Mu Feichi lowered his eyes.

There was an unconcealed sense of loneliness in his low voice.

He knew full well in his heart that shed definitely not missed him.

Even if she had a little, it wasnt on the same level as he had missed her.

There was a saying that the person who falls in love first loses, but so what

He had fought on the battlefield for so many years, he wasnt invincible, but hed never really lost before.

It wasnt that he was a sore loser.

It was simply that when it came to matters that he didnt feel like were worth compromising about, he wasnt willing to back down.

But if that person was Yun Xi, so what if he lost He would relish the experience anyway.

Yun Xi turned away to look at the light from the flashlight, and even though it was just a single ray coming out of it, it felt as though it had brightened all of her world.

Just as Mu Feichi thought that he wouldnt be hearing her answer today, her soft, tender voice exploded into his ears.

“On the first day that I was in the desert training for stamina and endurance, I was already thinking, if you were beside me, you wouldve definitely done better.

But I want to fight alongside you, so I cant be worse than you.

When I thought about that, I felt like I could endure anything that was thrown at me, no matter how painful or difficult.”

In her previous life, she had used everything at her disposal and used up every last bit of what she had for Han Yaotian.

That was the most courageous yet foolish thing she had done.

This time, she thought that she wouldnt be so stupid.

Yet this man who was so domineering, overprotective, and unreasonable toward her was making her fall by his gentle attacks bit by bit.

His care wasnt exaggerated, wasnt schemed, and wasnt false.

He presented all his heart to her, and she couldnt not be moved.

“The training was tough, but as I got more and more adept, I was thinking of how you could be beside me, fighting together.”

She paused and turned to the figure who had stopped just now without her realizing it.

He was already several steps behind.

“Is this…considered missing you”

Her gentle words melted Mu Feichis heart.

Was that not considered missing him

If she didnt care, if he wasnt already deep in her heart, she wouldnt treat him as her goal to work toward.

No one was born thinking about someone else, yet the moment one learns to do that, it troubles them to no end.

He could imagine her during the toughest times, imagining that he was right there with her, so proud, so glorious, yet so pitiful.

To her, he had become the moon in the dark night, illuminating the path ahead for her to walk on.

All of her hard work today was in order to get closer to him, to fight alongside him, to earn the right to stand beside him in the future some day..

The moment he thought about that, he was so overjoyed that he could barely control his emotions.

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