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Chapter 920: Stay with Me Tonight

Standing behind a tree, Mu Feichi looked diagonally across the way and saw that Yun Xi was checking how many bullets were in the guns magazine.

Watching her, admiration and a proud expression flashed across his face.

Yun Xi had remembered to count and check her ammunition at a time like this.

It seemed as if her training with Yan Shuo had not been wasted at all.

Since hed met her, he had imagined countless scenes of fighting and working together with her.

But he had never wanted her to be on the battlefield with him.

Now she was with him, and they were fighting enemies together.

The feeling of no longer having to face death alone warmed him up through and through.

“Babe, tell me how many enemies do we have here”

Yun Xi frowned a little.

She closed her eyes as she tried recalling the places where she had noticed people when the torch had flashed across them.

She then also thought about a few places on higher ground that she hadnt seen.

Her eyes were getting used to the light and the forest gradually became brighter.

Although Yun Xi still couldnt see clearly, she could make out a few figures.

There were definitely people at the three high points.

She had heard the footsteps of the other snipers when they were changing their positions earlier on.

So, counting the two snipers theyd killed, there must have been about ten of them.

Yun Xi looked at the sniper rifle she was holding.

In terms of its shooting range, a sniper rifle can shoot further than a pistol, but one can shoot faster with a handgun.

Hence, using a handgun would be swifter and more violent.

After Yun Xi loaded both the sniper rifle and the handgun, she looked up at Mu Feichi.

Then she raised her eyebrows and asked teasingly, “Will I get punished for a wrong answer”

“Of course.” Mu Feichis dark, deep eyes revealed his confidence in winning the guessing game.

“Then I want to know whats the punishment before I consider whether to answer you.”

Although Yun Xi could make a rough estimation about how many people there were, she couldnt guarantee that there would be no errors.

And, if she made a wrong guess, he would not hold back when talking terms with her.

Mu Feichi raised his eyebrows, and the smile on his face became more subtle.

“Babe, do you think its a good time to bargain with me now”

“Why not I will not participate if there is no chance of winning.”

Yun Xi was not that stupid to put herself at a disadvantage.

“All right.

Your punishment will be that you have to sleep with me tonight.”

“…” Even though they were pretty far apart, Yun Xi wished that her glare could kill this man who never stops flirting regardless of the situation.

Also, the thing that bothered her the most was that the earpieces they were wearing were turned on, so everyone could hear them.

It was equivalent to saying that in front of everyone.

Even if those Italian soldiers couldnt understand him, what about the rest

This situation is so embarrassing…

On the other end, Li Zilan was worried for them, and she couldnt help interrupting him, “Sir, multiple guns are aiming at both of you right now.

Are you sure its a time to be all lovey-dovey Are you going to kill them with all these mushy words”

Mu Feichi raised his eyebrows, and a faint smile appeared on his dashing face.

But looking at Yun Xi, his eyes were as sharp and determined as a hunting cheetah.

Yun Xi gave him an annoyed look and nodded.

“There are ten of them, including the two snipers we killed.”

“Wrong, the answer is 13.” Mu Feichi knew since his ears were extremely sharp.

“Three more have escaped, but you are right that ten of them were trying to kill us.”

“…” Yun Xi was stunned.

She hadnt even noticed that someone had escaped, and she couldnt tell if Mu Feichi was lying or telling the truth.

But if their enemies had a backup plan, they would have escaped first instead of staying behind to fight the two of them.

Mu Feichi loaded the sniper rifle in his hands also.

He then signaled to Yun Xi, telling her to focus on shooting those on her left and he would take care of those on the right.

Yun Xi was on the right side, and he was standing on her left.

So, when they launched the attack in a crisscross pattern, it would be easier to land a fatal blow on their enemies.

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