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Chapter 92: A Different Surprise Every Time

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Passing through the minimalist Nordic-style living room, Su Hang led Yun Xi further inside the home.

No one would ever have expected that such a huge laboratory was hidden inside such an isolated and elegant villa.

Su Hangs villa was different from Mu Feichis mansion.

The area surrounding the lab was the living area, and it was cozy and minimalist in style.

But, in the back, the lab area was separated from the living area by thick layers of glass.

This was the first time that Yun Xi realized that it was actually possible to move a laboratory into ones home.

The laboratory was divided into three areas, a biochemical area, a medical equipment area, and a traditional Chinese medicine pharmaceutical shop.

A pharmaceutical shop that was twice the size of the Su Family Pharmaceuticals shop was hidden inside here.

One entire wall was inlaid with small drawers.

Each drawer was affixed with a label that stated the name, as well as the curative effects of each Chinese medical ingredient.

There were bronze acupuncture figures and various medical instruments scattered everywhere throughout the whole area.

The scent of the Chinese herbal medicines was overwhelming and familiar.

“Who would have thought that you moved Su Family Pharmaceuticals all the way over here!”

Yun Xi glanced at the medicine cabinet built into the wall and started searching for the medicine that she was looking for.

“I had no choice.

Im the only son.

My dad wants me to inherit his mantle, but Im more interested in Western medicine.

However, I cant forsake my duties, so I had to move the pharmacy here to keep my knowledge up to date.”

“Does all your pharmaceutical equipment work I want to use your machine to make some medicine.”

“Yes! Both Chinese and Western medicines are available.

Just tell me and I will help you find everything that you need.”

“30 grams of Bupleurum, 15 grams of ‎Baical Skullcap Root, 15 grams of Rhizome Pinelliae Preparata, 15 grams of Ginseng, 15 grams of Licorice, 15 grams of Ginger, and 20 grams of Jujube.”

After listening to the list of ingredients shed asked for, Su Hang looked up and asked with a smile, “Arent those the ingredients for Bupleurum soup Do you have a cold You can just take two tablets for a cold.

I have them here.”

“No, I havent finished yet.”

Yun Xi added several other kinds of ingredients as well, and now Su Hang was getting a little bewildered.

“Bupleurum soup mainly detoxes the liver and stomach, but if you add this, wont that make it somewhat toxic”

“I wont know until I try it.”

Yun Xi chuckled softly and took the medicine hed picked out to the equipment area to use the equipment to make the medicine.

Going through all the procedures with these instruments was like déjà vu to her.

In her last life, she had been with them almost every day.

Watching Su Hang maneuver them made her palms shake slightly.

In this life, she really didnt want to touch them again.

While they waited for the medical formula to mix, Yun Xi found a silicone model figure and started reenacting the emergency operation scene on the train for Su Hang.

The two of them had a great conversation and ignored Young Marshal Mu, who was leaning against the wall.

Mu Feichi didnt say anything, but stared at Yun Xi silently, as if he wanted to dig up more hidden secrets about her.

The little rascal was not only well-versed in pharmacology and a great fighter, but she also understood him when he tested her English skills.

She always gave him a different surprise every time he saw her.

At the end of the surgical reenactment, Su Hang lowered his head and thought about it.

Yun Xi sat up and raised her eyes and locked eyes with Mu Feichi, who was gazing at her from the place where hed been standing.

The two of them werent far apart.

His eyes appeared soulful and calm, but it was difficult to move her eyes away from him.

The moment their eyes met, her heart suddenly missed a beat.

She felt herself about to be sucked in by the burning gaze of his dark gleaming eyes.

Even though the lights in the laboratory were bright, she still couldnt resist the deep sentimentalism in his brooding eyes.

Only when the machine pinged did Yun Xi suddenly snap back to reality.

She walked to the medicine tray to find the black Chinese medicine pills that had been formed.

She took one and popped it right into her mouth.

Such a bold move without any hesitation shocked Mu Feichi and Su Hang.

Mu Feichi walked over quickly and clasped her jaw.

“Youre crazy! How can you use yourself as a lab rat.

Spit it out.”

“Little Yun Xi, even I dont know what the effects of this medicine could be.

You should spit it out immediately.”

“Dont worry, it wont kill me.” Yun Xi chewed it and frowned at the bitter taste of traditional Chinese medicine.

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