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Chapter 922: He May Hate Me for Life

At such a close distance, she could see the approval and pride in his eyes.

The first time fighting with him side by side was an unprecedented experience for Yun Xi.

Compared with having him as an imaginary teammate in training, such a real gun battle had tested both of their understanding and experience.

She lifted her hand and placed it in his, letting him pull her up.

Looking at her messy appearance, Mu Feichi raised his hand and brushed at her hair, half-laughing and teasing her, “Well, still thinking about the feeling of fighting side by side with me”

“Dont flatter yourself.

Who is thinking about it” Yun Xi humphed softly, turned her head, and looked at Jin Lei and Li Zilan, who were standing next to her.

She couldnt help asking, “Has everything been settled Were there any survivors”

Just as Li Zilan was about to speak, Mu Feichi answered her question, “Yes, the three who ran away are still alive.”

Yun Xi turned toward him, puzzled.

“What do you mean”

“They followed us from the moment we left the village.

There were two groups of them.

One group of three took the side road at the village entrance and the other group took a detour to ambush us from in front.

The rain forest is very big.

I have arranged people at each exit to keep watch.

Whether we can catch them depends on luck.

If they choose to stay in the rain forest for ten days to two weeks, those men waiting outside cant do anything about it.

After all, resources are limited.

They probably cant keep watch there for longer than that.”

Yun Xi nodded and understood what he meant.

It wouldnt be an intelligent distribution of assets.

This time, however, it had been just a diversion, not part of their mission, and she had had the honor to fight alongside him.

For her it was the best outcome.

“Well, lets go back!” Mu Feichi turned around, stretched out his hand to take Yun Xis hand, and led her away.

The humid rain forest had once again been restored to its usual tranquility.

The Special Forces competition had been unexpectedly terminated due to the death of one of the participants and the massacre that had happened in another part of the rain forest.

The competition finally had to base the awards for the various countries on the ratings from their previous achievements.

The five-member team from Jun Country won and brought several awards home.

Yun Xi and Yan Shuo stood beyond the crowd and watched Qi Yuan and Feng Rui receiving the awards on stage.

They seemed used to such occasions and calmly received the medals from the organizer.

“Instructor Yan, this time I fought side by side with the Young Commander, and now I realize that the gap between me and him is still very large.”

Yan Shuo tilted his head to look at Yun Xi, then turned to look at the stage.

“Its still very far apart, and you have to depend on yourself working hard to close the gap.

What I taught you was too tough for him to bear to teach you.

Mu Feichi will teach you the remaining lessons.

If I take the credit from him, he may hate me for life.”

“……” Talking about hate, even before he took her away, perhaps that overbearing tyrant would have already hated him

Otherwise, he would not have shown so much resentment against him when they met.

Shed really learned a lot from him in the three months that they were together.

Shed thought she was strong enough, but having really fought side by side with Mu Feichi, she knew that she still had a lot of room for improvement.

The plan was to return the next morning.

As Yun Xi and Yan Shuo were two additional unexpected people, the organizer had arranged a temporary tent for them.

However, there was only one extra tent.

The question was who was going to stay in it.

Li Zilan was about to ask Yun Xi to share a tent with her when Mu Feichi spoke up.

“Instructor Yan will stay in our tent, and he can take my bed.

Ill share the tent with Yun Xi.”

With that, he stepped forward, received the tent that had been sent over by the organizer, and pulled Yun Xi along to the open space.

Yun Xi, with a confused look on her face, was pulled away by him.

It took her a while to realize what he meant.

She stopped and pulled on his arm.

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