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Chapter 924: All Sorts of Positions

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Looking at her staring straight at him and laughing, Mu Feichi suddenly reached over and pinched her chin.

Then he narrowed his eyes as he asked, “Why are you smiling at me”

“No reason.” Yun Xi blinked and turned her head away.

She felt a little self-conscious and didnt dare to look into his eyes.

She had smiled at him for no other reason than how different it had felt to her when he was lecturing her, compared to how it had felt in the past.

Back then, when she hadnt cared about him and he was just a stranger to her, his lecturing had felt like that of a teacher.

But now, when he lectured her, she felt a strange sense of admiration and respect for him, and she revered him from the bottom of her heart.

It felt totally different.

But the man had caught on to her slipup and wasnt going to let it go so easily.

“Such a pervy smile, are you planning to do something to me”

Yun Xi blushed and suddenly realized the position she was in.

Mu Feichi, who had always been an expert at insinuating things in their relationship, suddenly lay back, propping up his head and blinking at her.

“Babe, do whatever you want to me.

I wont yell or scream, and I can even cooperate with you to do all sorts of positions.”

“Shut up!” This guy seriously just takes things to the next level.

Feeling a little annoyed and embarrassed, Yun Xi kicked him lightly.

But just as she was drawing back her leg, he grasped her ankles tightly.

The domineering man used the force from her kick to stand up and suddenly got up close to her.

He looked at her straight in the eye, his deep calm gaze laced with tenderness.

“Babe, if you kick too hard and break it, youll be losing out on a lot of fun for the rest of your life.”

“Stop it! If you continue talking like this, Im going to go sleep on the grass tonight.”

She forcefully pulled her feet free and stared irritably at the man who was so close he was nearly touching her face.

Just moments ago he had been so attractive and charming to her, but now he was just acting like an immature kid.

“Okay, okay, Ill stop.

Lets go to sleep.

Well be returning home first thing in the morning.

Youll end your three months of training a bit early.”

Mu Feichi reached over and dragged her down onto the blanket before she could stop him.

He said, “When we return, youll have to go back to school.

Now that youve obtained first place in three subjects, you should raise some conditions to your dad and move out on your own.”

“Why” Yun Xi didnt dare to make any big movements while he had his arms around her, as that could awaken a certain part that shouldnt be awakened.

If that happened, she could forget about getting a peaceful night of rest.

“So you can learn to be independent.

Besides, there are many things that you need to learn.

It wont be convenient if youre living at home.”

“I can stay at the school hostel.”

“You want me to have to go look for you at your school every day and make people think that Im your sugar daddy”

“You can just not come and find me.”

“Babe, there is no such thing as an impermeable wall.

Besides, youre well aware of how much your dad is able to make by being in his new position.

Rather than let him spend it on other women, why not spend it on his own daughter.”

“I got it.

Just let me think about it for a bit.”

“Oh, by the way, the president left the decision of when and where to hold the Socialite Ball to me.

When do you think would be a good time”

“How would I know You decide yourself.”

“Okay.” Mu Feichi nodded.

The warm body in his embrace felt so soft and cozy, it almost had the same effect as sleeping pills, making him drowsy and sleepy.

Before he fell asleep, all he was thinking about was how to choose a good time for the Socialite Ball and make it into her coming-of-age ceremony.

Yun Xi hadnt told her family in advance about the date that she would be returning, but she had told Second Aunt about it.

However, the moment Yun Xi reached home, nearly everyone in the residence knew about it.

Yun Yuanfeng got off work early and bought home some of the take-away dishes that Yun Xi liked.

He was planning to celebrate with the family.

After all, her achievement in getting first place in three subjects really had brought pride and respect to him both at work and throughout the residence villas.

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