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Chapter 926: Myopic and Self-Centered

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Second Aunt had known that Yun Xi was coming home today, so she had taken out all of the admission letters from the various universities that had arrived for her.

They included invitations and letters from overseas universities, inviting her to study at their schools and promising full scholarships.

Yun Yuanfeng hadnt seen these letters.

When he saw that there were so many from foreign universities, his face lit up with joy and excitement.

“Yun Xi, so many colleges! Do you have any idea which one youre planning to choose” Yun Yuanfeng looked toward his daughter as he rifled through the thick stack of admission letters and invitations.

His daughter was outstanding and had great potential, and, no matter how expensive an overseas education was going to be, he would be willing to pay for it.

Nowadays, studying abroad had become a trend, and it was symbolic of a child having made it.

Naturally, Yun Yuanfeng hoped that Yun Xi would go overseas as well, because it would make him the subject of praise and admiration here.

“Dad, Im not finished considering my options yet, but going overseas could be very expensive…”

Yun Xi looked as if she was troubled because of the financial burden she would be laying on him, but she was actually saying that to probe Yun Yuanfengs attitude toward her going overseas.

She didnt realize how it would incite the jealousy of Yun Zilin and Liang Xiuqin.

As Yun Zilin looked at the pile of admission letters that her dad treated like the most precious treasures on Earth, immense envy welled up inside of her.

She was fully aware of her own results.

She knew she wouldnt even get into the top 100 in her cohort for this semesters final exams.

This damned girl from the countryside had somehow gotten first place in three subjects!

That was first place in the national high school graduation exams, and her name had become known all across Jingdu.

If it had just been one it wouldnt have been that big of a deal, but she had gotten three of them.

Now that the entire Jingdu knew her name, all the higher institutions were pretty much begging her to go to their schools.

It was obvious how enviable this was.

Before Yun Xi had come back from the countryside, the entire villa residences had known that Yun Zilin was the young mistress of the Yun family, and all of the spotlight had been focused on her.

But now, not only had Yun Xi become the star of the future in the residences, she had become the daughter that her dad was most proud of.

Why had she robbed her of the things that had belonged to her all along

“Dad, studying overseas is really expensive.

The school fees for each year are the same as several years of a local college education.

And the living expenses overseas are also so high… How would the family have so much money to support her overseas education.

Ill be taking the high school graduation exams next year as well.

What if I manage to enter university, and theres no money left for me You cant sacrifice my future for sis alone.”

Yun Zilin was afraid that Yun Yuanfeng would accuse her of being selfish, so she had no choice but to drag down Yun Chuhan with her, despite having always looked down on her.

She continued, “And theres Chuhan too.

Her results are decent as well, and it wont be long before she enters university.

Dad, you cant just sacrifice the two of us for her alone, right”

All along, there had never been a place for Yun Chuhan to speak out.

When Yun Chuhan suddenly heard Yun Zilin speaking out for her, she sneered.

She had no intention of cooperating with her.

“Just think about yourself! Theres no need to be so pretentious and drag me into this.

I can work part time and get a scholarship, so school fees wont be a problem for me.”

“I…” Yun Zilin was just about to answer her when Liang Xiuqin glared at Yun Chuhan and yelled, “Shut up, we arent asking your opinion.”

Not taking advantage of Yun Xi when theres a chance to Of course LIang Xiuqin wouldnt agree with that.

“Hubby, Zilin is not wrong.

Studying overseas is really expensive.

You need to consider this carefully.

Besides, with your salary, if we used it all to send that girl overseas, what about Zilin You cant play favorites like this.”

Yun Yuanfeng finally snapped.

He yelled, “All of you shut up! Yun Xi has obtained such great results, and, no matter how poor I am, I will pay for her education.”

His daughter had made him proud.

And now her mother and sister were being so myopic and self-centered.

All they could think about were their own interests.

Yun Xi was the eldest daughter, and she had achieved far greater things than Yun Zilin, yet this idiot Liang Xiuqin had absolutely no foresight..

There was bound to be a day when she regretted her actions.

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