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Chapter 927: Confidence in Yun Zilin

Yun Xi had long guessed what kind of reaction they would have.

She smiled slightly, and her impassive gaze swept across Liang Xiuqin and Yun Zilin, her piercingly cold eyes void of emotion.

“Dad, if I went to study overseas, I will come back as an overseas college graduate, and overseas graduates are always preferred by companies.

My career prospects would be on a different level compared to local college graduates.

If we were competing for the same job, being an overseas graduate would give me a better chance.

Regardless of whether were talking about state-owned or private companies, overseas graduates pay is always about two times that of normal university graduates…”

Before Yun Xi could even finish what she was saying, Liang Xiuqin hurriedly jumped into the conversation out of fear of her choosing to go overseas and using up Yun Zilins college funds.

“We really need to consider our familys economic circumstances.

We are not a wealthy family.

If you went overseas for college, what would happen to your two sisters Dont they need to study Yun Xi, you cant be so selfish and sacrifice the future of your two sisters for yourself.”

The more Liang Xiuqin spoke, the more crazy she got, seeking to frame Yun Xis wish to study abroad as an abominable sin.

She found all the reasons she could to pique Yun Chuhan and Yun Zilins anger.

Yun Chuhan knew Liang Xiuqin was trying to get her riled up, but she lowered her eyes and pretended not to notice.

She knew full well what her mother meant to do, but it was exactly at a time like this that she didnt want to kick her sister while she was down.

This ruckus today had nothing to do with her to begin with, and she didnt see any reason to add fuel to the fire.

After all, her mother saw her as a throwaway anyway, so why should she help her with her argument Especially since it would all just benefit Yun Zilin in the end.

Furthermore, her eldest sister was clearly not a soft person.

She had been able to get rid of her mom from the residence in the past and take away her power to direct the family.

If Liang Xiuqin still treated Yun Xi as if she was a malleable innocent, then she must really be a brainless bimbo like Yun Zilin.

Her mother really must have had something wrong in her head to have such high hopes for Yun Zilin, who after all had been diagnosed with a congenital heart disease.

Did she really think a semi-handicapped daughter like Zilin could marry into a rich and powerful family

What a joke! Which wealthy or noble family didnt care about lineage and genes Which one of them didnt hope that the women their heirs would marry would be healthy and could extend their lineage

Yun Zilins heart disease was genetic, and if she passed it to her child, she would become the talk of the town in the environment where these wealthy, noble families existed.

And it wasnt like she was the last woman left on Earth.

Even marrying an ordinary woman would be better than marrying someone so ill and frail.

Because of that, since young, Yun Chuhan had never understood where Liang Xiuqin had gotten such confidence that Yun Zilin could bring her luxury and splendor in the future, to the point that she had pampered her so enormously.

“Mom, Im not finished yet.

Dad mentioned just now that he would provide for my college education.

Honestly, when it comes to something like college, one should walk the path that matches ones ability.

If Yun Zilin was able to enter a good university, Im sure Dad would let her go.

But if…”

She turned to look at Yun Zilin, and a sneer could be seen in her cold, piercing gaze.

“If she was thinking about getting dad to buy a spot for her or to spend money to let her go to one of those third-rate colleges just to graduate and do nothing, I believe dad wouldnt be willing to waste his money like that.

With Yun Zilins current results, it will be a problem for her to even enter a mid-tier college.

By the way, third-rate college fees are about two times that of first-class local universities.

Im afraid youre not aware of that, am I right”

Yun Xi scoffed at Yun Zilin and Liang Xiuqin.

And, although she was simply stating facts, Liang Xiuqin was instantly enraged.

She stared at Yun Xi fiercely and the expression in her eyes was so wild it was as though she was about to pounce on her and give her a few tight slaps.

Although she wasnt confident in her cause, her voice raised higher and higher the more she argued with Yun Xi.

It was as though that was the only way to cover up how insecure she felt about Yun Zilins current results.

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