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Chapter 928: What Belonged to Her

“Zilin is only in her second year now.

Her academics might be lagging a little behind, but isnt there still one more year Its not like she has no time left.”

Liang Xiuqin was well aware of Yun Yuanfengs character.

If Yun Zilin only got admitted to a third-rate university, he would surely not let her continue studying.

And, if she couldnt graduate from college, she could forget about getting into the upper class of Jingdu.

If she really wanted to marry into a good family, she wouldnt even be able to satisfy the basic condition of a good degree, let alone the other criteria.

Furthermore, with a shining death star like Yun Xi as her older sister, all that people would hear and know about was her.

No matter how hard Yun Zilin tried, people would just compare her to Yun Xi, and it would be obvious who was the more outstanding one.

When that happened, how could they notice how spectacular Zilin was

So, no matter what, Liang Xiuqin couldnt let that d*mned girl step on top of Zilin.

Those things that her Zilin didnt have, she wouldnt let this cursed girl get either.

A hick who had grown up in the countryside dreaming about studying at a college overseas.

If she really went abroad, imagine how full of herself shed be when she came back.

“Mom, you havent studied much so maybe you havent heard of the saying that a house with a weak foundation could be toppled by a breeze.

Yun Zilin doesnt have a good foundation, and, with just one year left, how high do you think she can go”

“You think youre so amazing… If your dad and I dont agree to you going overseas, youll just have to suck it up and stay in the country.”

Yun Xi raised her eyebrows and her lips curled up in a sneer.

Her mother wasnt going to scare her like that.

Obviously, at this point, Liang Xiuqin had lost the right to say that, because Yun Yuanfeng had full power over this decision.

As expected, the moment she finished her sentence, Yun Yuanfeng said in a disrespectful tone, “Its not up to you to make decisions for Yun Xi.

If Yun Zilin can get results like Yun Xi, first place in three subjects, I will send her overseas even if it means starving myself.

The problem is, can she do that Dont think that just because I dont attend parent-teacher meetings, I dont know what kind of results Yun Zilin has been getting.

Ive said it before and Ill say it again, if she isnt able to get into a first-class university, dont even think about getting me to buy her a spot.

Since youre so confident in Yun Zilin, settle all of this yourself.”

Yun Yuanfeng wouldnt waste his time and money investing in a daughter who didnt provide any value for him.

Although he wasnt a businessman, he knew full well what kind of return on investment he would be getting.

Out of his three daughters, only Yun Xi was successful.

She had outstanding results and maintained a decent relationship with some of the four great families.

He should be so lucky if Yun Zilin was even half as good as her sister.

Liang Xiuqin was completely delusional, but he wasnt a fool.

“Yun Xi, Dad will handle this.

Dont worry about what your mother says.” Yun Yuan didnt hesitate to refute what Liang Xiuqin had said and degrade her right to her face.

Liang Xiuqin was so furious that her face went from pale to red.

However, at this moment, she had neither money nor power, so the decision was really not up to her.

“Dad, I dont think I will go overseas after all.

Jingdu University is not bad.

Its number one in the whole of Jun Country, and I want to choose to study medicine.

After I graduate, I would like to enter the military and work at its headquarters.

The people Ill be in contact with are the leaders and chiefs of the Army, and this will allow me to meet even more people in the future.

If I go overseas, it will take me a lot of time to slowly develop such networks.

It will be better for me to just stay in the country now.


Yun Yuanfeng saw that she had stopped saying what she wanted to say.

Hed heard her mention a career at military headquarters.

Her network in the future would surely benefit his career as well.

Naturally, he would agree to her staying in the country.

“But what…”

“If I study medicine, I may need to spend a lot of time at the lab and probably wont be able to come home very often.

Dad, can you use the money that you offered for sending me overseas to rent a place for me somewhere near the school I want to learn to be more independent.”

If she had just asked him to rent her a place, Liang Xiuqin might not have said anything, but Yun Xi had to stress using the money for sending her overseas, making this request a compromise for not going overseas to study.

Even if she had made a compromise, she had to get back what belonged to her in another way.

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