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Chapter 932: Still Arrogant

“Principal, give me another chance.

I will work hard, and I wont make these mistakes again… Principal…”

Standing behind Instructor Xu, Yun Xi looked coldly at Zhou Chengzhe as he was dragged out.

Hed probably only just realized the situation he was in, and now hed gotten scared and was screaming for the principal and teacher to give him another chance.

However, he didnt sound like someone who was begging for another chance.

He still sounded like he thought he was above everyone else, and he was not even willing to say the word please.

Even now, Zhou Chengzhe was still so arrogant.

If Yun Xi could hear the arrogance in his tone, the principal and teachers probably caught it too.

If he had been a little more polite and admitted his mistakes, they might have still given him another chance.

But his attitude had erased the possibility of getting another chance.

Rather than Yun Xi personally making him suffer, Zhou Chengzhes hopeless future probably was going to make him feel worse than anything else now.

Knowing the situation in Yun Xis family, the school principal and teachers had discussed it and had decided to keep her prize money until she returned from her training.

They wanted to hand the money to her personally.

Yun Xi had been the top scorer in this years Jingdu high school leaving exams.

And, because of that, Jingdu High School had gotten famous in Jun Country.

The media had visited the school on several occasions for interviews.

Although they didnt have the chance to interview the top scholar, the interviews had greatly promoted the school and increased its enrollment rate this year.

The principal was the happiest of everyone.

He had served as the school principal for so many years, and it was the first time that the top scorer had been from Jingdu High School.

The praise he received from everyone and the trust of the parents gave him were the principals greatest accomplishments.

Besides thanking the principal and her teachers, Yun Xi had come to inform them about her school and faculty choices.

Yun Xi had returned from her training as a brand-new person, and she went back to the campus with an uneasy feeling.

However, the care and love she received from her principal and teachers gave her the courage to persist.

Yun Xi suddenly thought of something when they were leaving the school.

She turned to Zhao Yumo and asked, “Are you going to the Socialite Ball this year”

Zhao Yumo nodded.

“Yes! All the adults and unmarried heiresses of the top rich families have received an invitation.

I have heard that the one named the first-class socialite this year will get a chance to dance with the Young Commander.

So this year, all the women in Jingdu have been trying to figure out ways to hire teachers for socialite classes and have started on their diets to lose weight.

They all want to be the most outstanding socialite so that they can stand beside the Young Commander.”

“So, how were your socialite classes There will be benefits when you take over your family if you become a first-class socialite.

Many business partners will look at your first-class socialite status, and your social circle will get bigger too.”

“I went for those classes.

Jiang Chenghuan hired many teachers for me.

So I attended classes on social etiquette, fashion, and dressing.

I also learned how to appreciate luxury goods.

The topics taught were of a wide range and I felt as if I was retaking the exams at the end of school.”

Yun Xi nodded.

She was relieved that Zhao Yumo had attended all these classes.

“Learning more is always good.

Look at Liang Xinyi.

She has sacrificed herself and made use of many people.

She has expended so much effort to get an invitation to the Socialite Ball.

There will definitely be a good show on that day.

I would really love to see it, but its a pity that I cant go to the ball with my status.”

“Why not The Young Commander is the organizer.

Cant you tell him that you want to attend the ball”

Yun Xi shrugged and said with a mocking expression on her face, “Its not like I want to be a first-class socialite.”

“It doesnt matter if you dont want to be one.

Lets just go and have some fun! Also, Han Wanling is back too.

It has been a while since you saw her.

Dont you want to see how is she now If you know her better, you can easily dig a hole for her in the future.”

Yun Xi pinched Yumos cheeks with a smile and said with a look of resignation, “You always have such naughty ideas.

I will think about it and let you know if I am going.”

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