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Chapter 937: Let Her Take on the Fat Jerk

The Jiang family and the Mu family were similar, as both contained a convoluted network of branch families.

That said, the power of the main family was indubitably the greatest, so no matter how much trouble the branch families made, they would not be able to affect the development of the main family.

But after all, they were two of the three great noble families, and they definitely had the ability to create trouble for others.

Now that Mu Feichi understood what she meant, the smiling expression in his eyes became even stronger than before.

“Immediately marrying another woman right after his wife dies… Even if her birth family doesnt dare to do anything against someone from the Su family, that doesnt mean that they wont do something to a woman who has just married into the family.

By accomplishing that, you will block off the final path that your aunt might have to get back with your uncle, and, at the same time, Liang Xinyi will have the Su family backing her up to attend the Socialite Ball.

This will be a really awkward identity for her.

At the same time, Liang Xinyis ambitions will certainly threaten Su Ximan, which means that you wont even need to do anything yourself when you want to deal with her in the future.”

Which of the children who grew up in these powerful families didnt mature by learning all sorts of scheming and deception

No matter how good Liang Xinyi was at this, she would still find herself lacking behind someone like Su Ximan, who had immersed herself in the hidden struggles of a wealthy family for years.

Yun Xi nodded, her smile bright and pure.

Whenever she set traps for others, she appeared so cute and crafty, and somehow especially innocent.

Instead of letting her aunt screw with other people, why not let her go take on the fat jerk whose mind was full of garbage

There were many other options in Jingdu, but the reason that she had chosen him was because, in her previous life, this disgusting man had nearly raped her while throwing around his power as a member of the Su family.

If it hadnt been for someone passing by and saving her, she wouldve been violated.

After returning in this life, of course, shed have to clear out these old grudges, one by one.

For someone like Chen Lixue, who else should she suck the life out of, if not him

More important, the special desires of this man who was fourth in line in the Su family were precisely for women who were several years older than himself like Chen Lixue.

Perhaps it was because he had been pampered and sheltered by his own mother since hed been young that it had resulted in a revolting preference for his partners.

She couldnt understand the psychology of such men at all.

What kind of pleasure could he possibly get out of ageing women

“So Ill leave the rest to you, Young Commander.

I dont want to provoke Su Ximan just yet.”

After all, shed helped her out at the Weiya Banquet.

She didnt want to become enemies with a woman like her who was intelligent and knew how to adapt to any situation.

“Ill get people to handle everything.


Mu Feichi appeared to have remembered something and paused.

Under the shadows, his brows appeared more prominent and the smile which had been at the corners of his mouth had gradually faded away.

“Those men in the Su family arent kind people by any standards, especially the eldest of them: Su Donglin, who looks all harmless and gentle.

An illegitimate child who is able to sit in the position of the chief of one of the most important families in Jingdu isnt as simple as you might think he is.

His wits and methods are equal to Jiang Chenghuans.

If you are going to go up against him, be careful.”

Yun Xi didnt expect Mu Feichi to especially stress this person so much, and she frowned since she was a little taken aback.

“Got it, Ill be careful and cautious.

Besides, Ive never thought of becoming enemies with the Su family.”

Mu Feichi nodded and took over her computer.

He quickly hacked into his own database and extracted the special document about Su Donglin.

“This is business information about Su Donglin during the past few years.

You can take some time to look at it.

Su Ximan has followed her elder brother in everything for a long time, so her capabilities cant be underestimated either.”

“All right!” Yun Xi looked at the document and made a copy of it on her computer as she meticulously went through in her head everything about the Su family that she had learned in her previous life.

Since she was setting a trap for Chen Lixue, of course she couldnt get herself implicated.

“Oh, by the way, my dad agreed to me renting a place of my own when I enter university.

He has started searching for a house for me recently.”

Mu Feichi smiled and said, “I know.

Ive already gotten someone to send an address to your dad.

The place Ive chosen is a lot safer than the one he chose.”

Yun Xi looked at him suspiciously.

Only a fool would believe his definition of safe.

His definition of safe was probably just how easy it would be for him to vault in over the fences.

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