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Chapter 940: Go All the Way to the End

Liang Xinyi looked at Zhou Chengzhe as he was being taken away by the police officers.

Then, before she could figure out what was going on, she saw the club manager being escorted out.

This place belonged to Han Zhongteng.

Liang Xinyi was the one who had asked him to give Zhou Chengzhe a job.

Zhou Chengzhe was taken away during the police raid at the club.

As long as she doesnt get dragged into this issue, getting him off her back was not a bad thing.

As Han Zhongteng was the boss, he probably wouldnt be looking for her for a while if he had all this business to take care of.

So, she was pretty happy about what was happening too.

That night, Han Zhongteng was summoned to the police station for questioning.

And Club Pinnacle was shut down for a while.

The next day, various media reported the news of the illegal drug dealings in entertainment venues run by the Han Corporation.

The news had greatly shaken the community of wealthy families in Jingdu.

All the entertainment venues under the Han Corporation were being investigated.

As a result, they were all either closed temporarily or shut down for good.

Yun Xi read it in the newspaper when she was having her breakfast.

She did not expect that what Mu Feichi meant as a minor punishment would shake up the entire city.

It seemed that not only Han Zhongteng got in trouble, even Han Yaotian got involved.

It was also pretty good to have this kickstart, as it would help Yun Xi in her next plan.

The Han family was prominent in the business world, while the Su family was big in politics.

Chen Lixue marrying into the Su family had made Liang Xinyis life easier.

It had given her a status that the Han family would consider using her or even making her marriageable.

Of course, the options to make use of Liang Xinyi or to consider her marriage into the Han family didnt go hand-in-hand.

The Han family could ignore and not interfere regarding Han Zhongteng and Liang Xinyis relationship.

However, it doesnt mean that they would accept her into the family.

After all, there was a legitimate heiress in the Su family.

Although the Su familys heiress was already engaged with someone from the Feng family, she wasnt the only heiress in the main family branch.

Looking at how intelligent and cunning the Han family is, Liang Xinyi would never be accepted.

The Han family knew about Liang Xinyi but had never officially acknowledged her.

So, it would probably be difficult for Liang Xinyi if she intended to look for another prominent family to marry into in the future.

None of the wealthy families would accept a woman who used to be with Han Zhongteng as their daughter-in-law.

Not to mention that Liang Xinyi wasnt even a legitimate heiress of the Su family.

She had dealt herself a lousy hand.

But regardless, she would have to go all the way till the end, even if she had to kneel and crawl.

After breakfast, Yun Yuanfeng took Yun Xi to view an apartment near Jingdu University.

Unfortunately, it was not easy to find a place around the university.

Even Yun Yuanfengs secretary had had to look around for days and had finally been lucky enough to rent a home.

This rental was a little over his budget, but it was not easy to find a place.

So he gritted his teeth and rented the apartment.

The previous tenant had left in a hurry, so the house was still fully equipped with everything needed for living.

Therefore, Yun Yuanfeng only had to take Yun Xi for viewing and check if there were anything else she would need to get.

Yun Xi briefly looked around the apartment.

Since Mu Feichi had chosen this house, naturally, nothing seemed to be lacking.

Halfway through the viewing, Yun Yuanfeng got a phone call and had to leave.

Yun Xi then took the chance to stay behind so that she could clean and arrange the apartment.

She heard a knock on the door right after she was finished shifting the desk.

Yun Xi raised her eyebrows when she looked through the peephole to see who it was.

She opened the door and saw the person holding several shopping bags in his hands.

“Young Commander.


“I brought everything you need.

Take a look.

If you still need anything else, I will get someone to deliver those items.”

Yun Xi stood aside to let him in.

She then looked at him as he took out all the things from the bags.

She wouldnt have noticed if she wasnt looking, but was shocked when she took a closer look.

“Why did you get two sets of everything Two mugs, two towels.

Sir, do you intend to stay regularly at my place Or do you intend to climb through the windows every other day”

“Your house is on the eighth floor, so lets forget about climbing through the windows.

But I have the keys to your house.”

“I…” Yun Xis eyes kept twitching.

She then picked up the cushion and threw it directly at Mu Feichis face.

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