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Chapter 945: Yun Xi Saves the Situation

At the entrance of the emergency room, Yun Xi told the doctor about the childs condition in detail to make it easier for the doctor to make an accurate diagnosis as quickly as possible.

The waiting time to go to see the doctor felt a little long.

The hospitals deputy director and several experts arrived shortly after Mayor Yang Mingjiang, who had rushed over after receiving a phone call from his wife.

All the commotion had attracted the attention of many pedestrians, who had now gathered outside the emergency room.

After greeting and reassuring those who had arrived, the Deputy Director caught a glimpse of Yun Xi, who was standing on the sidelines.

He was surprised.

A mayors presence had already alarmed the entire military headquarters.

Now, adding Yun Xi to the mix was going to create a huge story.

Everyone was really worried about being embarrassed in front of the mayor.

“Miss Yun, why are you here”

The Deputy Director walked forward with a smile on his face.

The last time he had seen her she had successfully operated on the First Lady of Jingdu.

It was impossible for everyone to not respect the medical knowledge and skills of this talented girl.

At such a young age, she was able to compete with doctors with decades worth of experience.

If they hadnt seen her natural inborn abilities for themselves, they really would have had no way of convincing themselves to trust this young girl with peoples lives.

Yun Xi looked at the Deputy Director and offered him a polite nod after she finally remembered who he was.

“Hello, Deputy Director.

I have brought this womans child to the emergency room.”

Mayor Yang looked at the Deputy Director and then at his wife.

After seeing his wife nod, he studied the young girl who the Deputy Director was talking to.

Her clear eyes gleamed with intelligence, and her quiet, unselfish aura was enough to make him trust her.

When she met the Mayors eyes, her calm eyes showed an unmistakable gleam of sharpness and tenacity.

This young girl exudes neither aggression nor the pretentiousness of most girls her age.

She has an air of a lady from a prestigious family who is gentle, but yet possesses a stubbornness and pride that most ordinary girls do not possess.

After all these years in politics, he is never wrong about people.

There is more to this young girl than meets the eye.

“What is the situation now” the Deputy Director questioned Yun Xi in detail about the course of events and the illness she has diagnosed..

Yun Xi told him about the initial diagnosis she made on the way to the hospital.

The Deputy Director expressed that hed understood the situation, nodded to the cardiologists by his side, and entered the emergency room with them in tow.

After hearing Yun Xi using medical terminology and diagnosing what had happened to the boy, and listening to her fluent conversation with the experts, Mayor Yang got a clear idea about the situation.

He had originally thought that the young girl was just being helpful, but then he had realized that she did indeed have vast medical knowledge.

After a long wait, the doctor finally came out of the emergency room.

The attending doctor took off his mask and looked at the Mayor, reaching over to shake his hand.

“Doctor, how is the child” Mayor Yang couldnt care less about manners at this moment.

He was eager to know about the childs condition.

“The childs condition has stabilized.

It was indeed a relapse of his case of viral myocarditis.

He will need to stay in the hospital and be observed for quite some time.

Fortunately, he got to the hospital right on time and was given emergency first aid on the way here.

If he had gotten here any later, we would have not been able to save him…”

“Thank you, Doctor!”

The attending doctor waved his hand and smiled at the girl standing among the crowd who had explained the whole situation and the childs condition to him on the childs arrival.

“If you want to thank someone, thank this young lady who brought your child to the hospital.

If not for her emergency first aid and her use of the rescue pill to stabilize his condition, Im afraid the situation could have turned out much worse.

Thank her instead of me.

We are just doing our job as doctors.”

Mayor Yang turned to Yun Xi, who still practically hiding herself among the crowd.

He nodded politely and gratefully at her and walked forward toward her.

“Thank you so much for helping, young lady.”

Smiling shyly, Yun Xi said, “Youre welcome.

I was only doing what a physician should do.”

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