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There is another possibility. Yun Xi frowned, thinking for a moment, and then turned to look at the man beside her.

Mu Feichi raised his eyebrows.

What is it

He knew that she was smart, but he hadn\'t expected her to guess the other possibility that he had been keeping hidden from her.

In the event that the Mu family comes out on top in the bidding for this project and the Qiao family becomes the other company chosen to work with you on the project, they will become partners with the Mu family.

Not only will the Qiao family be able to expand their family\'s presence in Jingdu because of this high-level relationship, but Qiao Ximin will also be able to make use of this opportunity as an excuse to see you.

That\'s how easy it is! The real end goal of the Qiao family is to make connections with you, and their staying by the Mayor\'s side is just a stepping stone to get to you.

Thinking about all this, Yun Xi abruptly remembered that in her previous life when Qiao Ximin had approached her, what exactly was she trying to get out of her

If her objective had been Mu Feichi from the beginning, why had she gotten entangled with Han Yaotian in her previous life

Or had she just approached Han Yaotian and her with ulterior motives from the beginning

The atmosphere was supposed to be a little bit of flirty jealousy, but, thinking of all the different motives she had had to deal with in her previous life, Yun Xi\'s eyes became filled with a murderous intent that caused her aura to become as cold as ice, and even Mu Feichi, who was sitting beside her, could not help but wonder..

This feeling from her was too familiar to him.

Very often she would abruptly become dark and bitter, with a sharp murderous aura that only people who have actually been in battle and experienced life and death can relate to.

He had no idea what she had been through, but it seemed that every time she mentioned the Qiao family and the Han family, she acted with a sense of ruthlessness and resentment.

That was the reason why he had killed the idea of taking the Qiao family under his wing.

Seeing that they were people who she hated, he naturally disliked them as well.

She had a principled bottom line and would never hurt any innocent person.

Maintaining a pure and unwavering heart as she moved forward through life, unafraid of its elements and challenges, is what he admires most about her.

Narrowing his eyes, he suppressed his emotions and gently patted her head, as he smiled and teased her, Hmm Do I detect a hint of jealousy

Hearing his teasing words, Yun Xi snapped her head around.

As soon as she turned her head, she saw his handsome face right next to her.

She held her breath and stared at the handsome face that was so close with wide eyes, their breath intertwining, burning up the surrounding atmosphere with an electrifying aura.

It took a few moments for Yun Xi to react, fiercely reaching out to pinch his nose and pushing away his approaching face.

She can\'t even breathe when he\'s so close!

Mu Feichi couldn\'t help but laugh, his dark eyes skimming over her reddened ears.

Since you don\'t like the Qiao family, I will naturally not let them get close to me.

What does that have to do with me Yun Xi glared at him in annoyance.

The driver had already gotten out of the car after having parked it directly in front of Mu Mansion.

They sat in the car, casually discussing the issue of the rise and fall of a family.

Of course it has everything to do with you! If Mrs.

Mu doesn\'t like it, that means I, Mu Feichi, don\'t like it either.

There is no difference between us and no problems.

... She really can\'t do anything with this immature man who is a bit childish.

This project is too big, and instead of letting others control the situation, it is better if I do it myself.

The Mu family is involved because they don\'t want too many unforeseen things to happen.

Even if the Qiao family emerges as the Mu family\'s partner, it would not be me who would approach them.

Being led by the Mu family will only make this project more transparent and strict and will not allow the Qiao family to take too much advantage.

Mu Feichi spoke in a serious tone, as if to assure her of something.

Even if you do allow the Qiao family to rise using the name of the Mu family, isn\'t that what you want This chess game of yours...to observe without involving oneself is the act of a true gentleman.

He said that he would give her full authority to deal with the situation, no matter how dramatically the situation changes or develops.

He would only do the job of cleaning up the mess after her and not interfere with the rest.

Yup, that\'s how self-indulgent a ruler he is.

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