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Gu Baifan was dumbfounded.

Was the man sitting opposite him still the wise, decisive Young Master of the Mu family

Did he intend to toss the confidential information of these construction projects worth tens of billions of dollars to a young girl to play with

Young Master, this is the behavior of a self-indulgent ruler.

Are you sure you are not joking (Once again, this criticism of Mu Feichi could only be heard in Gu Baifan\'s head.)

Seeing that Gu Baifan was stunned, Mu Feichi raised his head to look at him.

His handsome face was sharp and chiseled, but he had a rare gentle look.

Gu Baifan, who had never seen a different expression on his face during all the years he\'d worked for him, saw a gentleness he had never seen before.

Yes, it was a look of gentleness!

It was a kind of gentleness that belonged only to the overbearing, unreasonable Mu Feichi.

He stiffened his neck and turned his head to look at the girl on the couch.

Even Great White had acknowledged her position as the lady of the family..

He understood where the phrase, self-indulgent ruler, that he had wanted to say but had only mouthed silently in his mind, had come from.

This was not an illusion, nor was his Young Master joking.

His Young Master was simply in love for the first time!

A man who is in love for the first time is indeed terrifying!

Once he had acknowledged his affections, he gave his woman a project worth tens of billions of dollars to play with, while he, a Stanford University graduate, had to wait on the sidelines.

Sure enough, self-indulgent rulers had no bottom line or mercy.

What Didn\'t you understand, or didn\'t you hear me

Gu Baifan shook his head and hurriedly set a stack of folders he had brought with him on the coffee table before Yun Xi.

Miss Yun, the black folder contains the construction project information, and the blue ones are the top five companies with the highest chances of being selected.

Mu Corporation has also participated and should be able to enter the final selection.

If Mu Corporation is selected as the project leader this round, another company will be selected to work with the Mu Corporation.

However, the final decision rests in the hands of the Mayor.

Gu Baifan was not concerned about whether she understood him or not.

Since the Young Commander had told him to do this, he would oblige.

If anything went wrong, he would not be held responsible.

Thank you, Director Gu. Yun Xi smiled politely at Gu Baifan.

She leaned over and reached for the blue folder on the coffee table.

Gu Baifan was a little surprised by Yun Xi addressing him as Director Gu, though he quickly came back to his senses and smiled faintly before standing up straight and stepping aside.

Yun Xi flipped through the folder casually and took a quick glance at the other four companies participating in the tender, then found the information about the Qiao Corporation.

She did not examine the other companies carefully and instead handed this folder to Gu Baifan.

Can Director Gu tell me the reasons why the Qiao Corporation was selected as one of the top five companies that are likely to win the tender

Gu Baifan glanced at the information in her hand.

Although he was a little surprised why she had only asked about the Qiao Corporation, he nodded.

He began to explain the reasons and the advantages of the Qiao Corporation which helped to give them the upper hand.

Yun Xi listened carefully, not daring to miss any information.

In her past life, she did not know enough about the Qiao Corporation.

In this life, she regarded it as an enemy.

If she regarded it as an opponent, she must understand herself and her enemy well to win every battle.

Whether it was Qiao Ximin\'s docile act yesterday or the true background of the Qiao Corporation, she must know the ins and outs thoroughly.

Although Gu Baifan did not understand why she had only picked the Qiao Corporation, the three noble families were well aware that the Qiao Corporation had risen rapidly recently.

He simply did not expect this young girl to be so interested in the Qiao Corporation.

After listening to Gu Baifan\'s explanation carefully, Yun Xi nodded.

She was surer than ever in her heart.

Director Gu, is the government planning to redevelop the old town of Jinxi

Gu Baifan nodded.

That news had been announced early in the morning, but the tender had not yet started, and various companies were becoming restless.

As for which company would ultimately win the tender, it depended on their capability and their transformation plans.

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