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When Gu Baifan nodded, Yun Xi knew that the timeline she had estimated in her past life was correct.

Although her emergence had changed the encounters of some people and their endings, some things would continue to advance and develop in parallel and would not change their timeline.

After hesitating for a moment, she asked carefully, Is the Huo Corporation also involved in this tender

The three noble families had always had a mutual understanding that they would not compete for the same project.

The two other noble families had not participated in the Mayor\'s project tender since Mu Feichi had expressed his interest to participate.

However, based on her memory of her past life, the redevelopment project of the Jinxi old town had landed in the hands of the Huo Corporation.

Her question had not only surprised Gu Baifan, but even Mu Feichi looked up at her in astonishment.

Huo Tingxiao had recently gone on a business trip with a group of designers, planners, and architects to visit several cities in preparation for their participation in this tender.

Because there had not been a call for a tender yet, no one knew who their competitors were going to be.

Under these circumstances, the competition and suspense were heightened, and there might even be unexpected results.

Huo Tingxiao had always been low key, and he had not leaked a word that he was participating in this tender.

Even Gu Baifan and Mu Feichi had only learned about it in the past two days.

Mu Feichi also had not told her about it, so when Yun Xi suddenly asked about it in that manner, it had surprised both Gu Baifan and Mu Feichi.

Gu Baifan glanced at Mu Feichi, and his eyes seemed to be wordlessly asking him what she meant.

After all, this was considered a trade secret.

Mu Feichi turned sideways, lazily propped up his head, and looked at Yun Xi.

His deep dark eyes seemed to be covered by a layer of mist, and were so hazy that she could not tell the emotions in his eyes.

How did you know that the Huo Corporation had participated in this tender

Mu Feichi\'s question instantly confirmed Yun Xi\'s guess and made her realize that she had asked a question that she should not have asked, which made her feel a bit embarrassed for a while.

Mu Feichi looked straight at her, which caused Yun Xi\'s heart to jump.

She had relied on her memory of her previous life to recall that piece of information.

While others might not notice it, Mu Feichi was no ordinary person.

With a little cough, she lowered her head and patted Great White on the back, acting a little evasive.

I just asked if it was.

I don\'t know the specifics.

After all, since Mu Corporation had participated in the Mayor\'s project, Huo Corporation and Jiang Corporation would not participate.

The old town redevelopment was broadcast on the news, but the tender has not yet started.

I don\'t exactly know which families will participate, but if this is a trade secret, then I won\'t ask anything further.

It\'s not a trade secret, but not many people know about it, so I\'m surprised that you asked.

Mu Feichi, the self-indulgent ruler, could not bear to see his woman aggrieved and compromised without asking.

Can\'t I ask Yun Xi raised her head and turned her sparkling eyes to him, her face exuding just the right amount of innocence.

Mu Feichi smiled, pretending that nothing had happened, and changed the subject as he said, No, the tender has not yet started.

If the participation of one of the three noble families in the tender were made public, then the number of participants would double.

The wine lover\'s heart is not in the cup.

Many companies are willing to stoop to mess about the design plan in desperation to attain easy success, which would increase the difficulty of the review and selection.

Therefore, before the public tender, the participating companies will not disclose their intentions to bid.

Yun Xi knew this process, and she was a little relieved that Mu Feichi did not question her further.

The Huo Corporation has participated in this tender, but the news will not be announced until the tender starts.

Yun Xi nodded and raised her hand to put the information about the Qiao Corporation on the coffee table, her slender white hand on the blue folder.

Her sparkling eyes lingered, faintly smiling when she looked at Mu Feichi.

Young Commander, can you let the Qiao family be selected as the company that will cooperate with the Mu Corporation this time

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