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Her half-inquiring, half-pleading tone made the high-and-mighty Mr.

Mu suddenly sense that his precious sweetheart needed him.

It was rare that she would make demands of him.

Given such a good opportunity, how could he resist showing off his abilities to validate his existence

Leaning back lazily on the chair, Mu Feichi looked at her and curved his sexy mouth into a smile.

His confidence and pride were dazzling.

In Jingdu, apart from adding you to my Household Register, which I can\'t do for the time being, what else do you think I am unable to do

Hearing him speak in such a domineering and confident tone, Yun Xi could not help but retort, You can\'t have a baby!

Maybe she became less vigilant when she talked to him because she wanted to be considered his equal.

She had forgotten his impressive oratory skills and had given him an opening.

Well, I really can\'t do that.

But it would be the same if you bear me a baby..

... The seasoned orator made Yun Xi speechless.

Gu Baifan looked at his Young Master with a horrified expression.

He stood on the sidelines, feeling as if he had just fed him a mouthful of dog food.

Yun Xi frowned and kicked Mu Feichi under the coffee table, shooting him an annoyed look.

We\'re talking business.

You only have to say if you can or cannot do it.

I can. Mu Feichi raised his eyebrows and glanced at Gu Baifan.

He casually gave the order, Did you hear that Do as she says.

Gu Baifan nodded.

Yes, I understand.

It seemed that he had received a huge surprise when he had come over to Tianyu Mountain today.

Not only had his Young Master fallen in love, but he had fallen deeply.

He suddenly became somewhat curious about what this young girl had done to make his wise Young Master so obedient.

The Jinxi old town redevelopment project... Yun Xi looked at Mu Feichi and thought about it for a while before she said, I want to take this opportunity to support the branch faction of the Qiao family.

The leader of the branch faction, Qiao Lixin, lost the election to my dad this time.

He has been transferred to customs, which is also a lucrative post.

I believe the people in the main family branch will watch him very closely, so I want to take advantage of the cooperation between the Mu Corporation and the Qiao family at this time.

I plan to use the old town redevelopment project to support the branch faction in secret.

Qiao Lixin\'s wife, Yi Gaolan, is a member of the Yi family.

The Yi family has always supported Qiao Lixin in rebelling against the main family.

If the Yi family\'s position rises, it would be a great help for Qiao Lixin.

Mu Feichi listened very closely and soon understood her intentions, but Gu Baifan could not guess what she wanted to do.

He only presumed that she meant to support the Qiao family\'s branch faction, but he did not know her motive.

If the Qiao family\'s branch faction were allowed to participate in this old town redevelopment project, the benefits that they could get would be no less than the main family faction in their cooperation with the Mu family.

Perhaps, it could be even more.

Was this girl planning to support the Qiao family

Instead of supporting the main family faction, she had chosen to give her support to the branch faction.

That did not seem like it was beneficial to the Qiao family.

Mu Feichi pondered for a moment before he understood her plan and nodded.

The old town redevelopment project is indeed the best opportunity to support the branch faction in their rise up the ranks, but I have to discuss this with the Huo family leader first.

I\'ll give you an answer after our discussion.

Okay! He only made promises when he was confident he could deliver, so Yun Xi was not concerned about this.

On the other hand, Gu Baifan was a little bit confused.

He turned to look at Yun Xi and asked, Can Miss Yun explain to me your motives about the Qiao family Or rather, what are you after by supporting the Qiao family\'s branch faction in its rise up the ranks

If the Young Commander could indulge this young girl to the extent of supporting a family faction, he must have thought it through well.

He knew very well that even though Mu Feichi was a self-indulgent ruler, he would not lose his principles in such significant matters.

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