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Feng Yang could tell that she was teasing from her tone.

Nonetheless, it was a good thing if Yan Shuo had trained her in person.

After all, there were no weak soldiers under a strong commander.

Anyone Yan Shuo trained would be way above average.

Hence, it could only be a good thing for her.

At least she could protect herself when encountering difficult situations.

Compared with the delicate heiresses he met all the time, she had radiance and class.

It was not only boundless, but also dazzling.

After Crocodile was caught at sea last time, how did the interrogation go

She did not take part in the interrogation of Crocodile during that fake Crocodile incident.

After all, it was the business of Mu Feichi and the others.

They would hand him over to the Narcotics Bureau at the highest level, and she would not be involved with it..

However, because she had been hunted down later, she had become guarded and suspicious.

Feng Yang froze for a moment and turned to glance at Yun Xi, frowning, Why do you ask

He knew that she had good judgment and would never ask more than she should.

Even though she had doubts about his identity, she never questioned him over it.

It was this nature of hers that made him want to approach her and understand her.

Because I suspect that the real Crocodile is still at large.

The one we caught at sea was only a substitute for the real Crocodile, or a person he had arranged for in order to fool us into thinking that we had caught the real Crocodile.

Then the real Crocodile could continue to hide behind the scenes and carry out operations and conduct illegal activities.

Yun Xi briefly told him about the hunt in the mountains and her subsequent encounter in the rain forest.

She also roughly described all the information she had learned about the real Crocodile.

Feng Yang was shocked by her speculations, but it also aroused suspicions in his heart.

After all, he had fought with Crocodile so many times and Crocodile had escaped every time, but this time he had caught him so effortlessly that he had realized that something was wrong.

However, after interrogating the Crocodile caught at sea, they discovered that his confession and the details of drug trafficking had matched what they knew.

It was so perfect they could not find any loopholes.

It was as if...it had been elaborately planned so it would not arouse his suspicions.

After all, they had caught several fake Crocodiles before, and could not tell whether this one was also fake.

Now that Yun Xi had said this, it confirmed his suspicions.

I doubted it before too, but because the several arrest locations he confessed to were correct, I didn\'t give it enough thought.

As he spoke, Feng Yang suddenly thought of something and turned his head abruptly, In fact, if fake Crocodile was arrested instead of him, real Crocodile shouldn\'t have come out so quickly, so why would he go after you

Because they thought that the ledger was in Young Commander\'s hands, and they wanted to use me as a bargaining chip for the ledger.

However, they didn\'t know that the ledger is now in my hands.

I plan to use the ledger to tempt the snake out of his hole.

Yun Xi turned her head and smiled.

Her confident expression made it seem as if a fire was burning in her bright eyes.

Why don\'t we work together I also need your help.

Feng Yang seemed to be stunned.

He had not expected her to reach out to him and suggest working together when she had the Young Commander by her side.

Was it trust Or did she really need help

The Young Commander\'s Intelligence Unit is no worse than mine, so why would you come to me

He reasoned that the Young Commander would not allow a girl like her to be involved in such dangerous events based on what he knew of him.

Not only had she intervened, but she had also repeatedly been ambushed by her opponents and now had even laid her hands on what the opponent needed the most.

It was akin to pushing her into the most dangerous situation.

If he were in the Young Commander\'s shoes, he would not do it, but the Young Commander had allowed her to handle it.

He had no idea where his confidence came from.

The Intelligence Unit also has its limitations and can only find out the information on the surface.

Moreover, there are many people involved in the ledger, which will require your spies to investigate them.

That\'s why I need your help.

Let\'s divide the ledger into two.

You can investigate the covert matters while I investigate those on the surface.

It will be faster that way.

Feng Yang pondered for a moment without thinking too deeply and nodded, Okay, it\'s a deal!

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