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The two remained silent on the way home.

Yun Xi did not say a word as she sat next to Feng Yang.

He could sense how disappointed she was feeling.

He could sympathize with her situation.

She had grown up in the countryside far from the love of her parents.

The difficulties she\'d faced growing up alone in a foreign place were still evident from the way her parents treated her today.

Neither her real mother or her aunt who she\'d been sent to stay with had been kind to her.

Her aunt had schemed to have her own daughter replace Yun Xi\'s position as the Young Madame of the Yun family, while her own mother had never seen her as a daughter.

She had tried hard to prove herself, yet things had never gone as intended.

She yearned for the warmth of a family, yet it was something she could never have.


The worst part was that she could see happy families all around her, but she could only be an observer destined to be an outsider to other people\'s happiness.

He could not think of any words to say to comfort her so he chose to change the topic.

So about our collaboration, when do you want to start

We can start right now. Yun Xi gathered her thoughts back into the place where she stored them and hid the emotions in her eyes.

I\'ll organize the accounting record when I return, and then I\'ll pass it to you.

She paused as a thought occurred to her, and she frowned and added, However, just so you know, the accounting record is rather strange.

The names it has recorded are strange.

I doubt this is an ordinary accounting record. She continued, If it is written in code, there must be a corresponding document somewhere to decipher it.

When the Young Commander asked Han Hongbin about the accounting record, he said he had obtained it from someone else so he did not know much about it.

All he knew was that it is an item that poses a threat to Crocodile.

Feng Yang nodded and seemed to be deep in thought, as if he was pondering about what she had just said.

If they made a move on you, then it proves that it is something that threatens him.

Perhaps the accounting record could allow others to track down his identity.

Hence the panic from him...

Crocodile is behind more than thousands of drug deals each year, especially in the region of Southeast Asia.

He has a complicated web of relations, so if he is so hung up about this accounting record, then it\'s no simple record.

There are a few names in the record that can be tracked down, and the Young Commander has sent his men to investigate.

Could you also send someone to try to find the document that can be used to break the code

Two heads were better than one, and the combined efforts of both of them would be much stronger than her solo battle to track the man down.

All right, I\'ll inform you the instant I have any updates.


In the mansion of the Qiao family, Qiao Ximin emerged from her room after receiving a phone call and ran into her returning elder brother, Qiao Lixin.

As he watched her approaching, Qiao Lixin put on his nonchalant wealthy playboy attitude and dished out a few teasing comments.

Oh, is the Young Madame leaving the house I heard you sent the precious grandson of the Mayor to the hospital and ruined Father\'s plans.

How useless can you be I think it\'s better if you stay at home and avoid bringing more trouble to Father.

Qiao Ximin glared coldly at Qiao Lixin and maintained her arrogant attitude.

She had always treated Qiao Lixin with contempt and disdain since he was an illegitimate child.

As an official child of the Qiao family, she had always felt superior to him, even though he carried the status of the Young Master.

It was her looks of disdain and contempt that pierced deeply into Qiao Lixin\'s heart.

The two shared the same father but different mothers.

Qiao Lixin was the illegitimate child of his father, Qiao Dehao, with a mistress.

As the Qiao family greatly valued sons, it was unfortunate that he had not been born under official circumstances.

Qiao Lixin was loved, but the status of his birth remained a thorn in his heart.

Members of the powerful families had always viewed children born out of wedlock with colored lenses and treated them differently.

His appearance had robbed Qiao Ximin of her inheritance rights as the official heir.

She was supposed to have been given all of the assets of the Qiao family, yet she had been demoted from the Young Madame to the second daughter.

The matriarch of the Qiao family had always been biased toward the men of the family, hence Qiao Lixin had been showered with love but he had also been looked down upon and treated with disdain by his legitimate siblings.

Especially by Qiao Ximin who was not only vicious but deeply loved by their father.

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