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Qiao Ximin felt constantly frustrated by the fact that Qiao Lixin, who had no talent in management, had been brought into the family by Qiao Dehao when he was 18 and set up as the new heir.

He was no longer at an age for the elders to be strict with his training, and, as he was the only son of the family and the Old Madame was incredibly fond of him, all of the factors compounded and turned him into a useless playboy.

On the other hand, Qiao Ximin had been a reliable assistant of Qiao Dehao.

She had been training at his side since she was in her teens, and she had displayed above-average talent and skills in management.

This had made Qiao Dehao happy.

However, when Qiao Dehao had brought Qiao Lixin home when she was 18, she knew that her position as the heir of the family was in great danger.

The glory that had come from her position had been completely forfeited and given to someone who knew nothing more than being a playboy.

This was a pill that Qiao Ximin refused to swallow.

She was persuasive and charismatic, so it was easy for her to sway all the young siblings in the family to go against the illegitimate child.


However, Old Madame Qiao, who was biased toward boys, doted on Qiao Lixin.

Ximin could not compare to him in the Old Madame\'s eyes, regardless of her talents.

How dare a fool like him from a lowly status make fun of her What right did he have to do that

Even if I caused trouble, my father will protect me.

I\'m unlike you who don\'t know how to do anything besides eating and sleeping.

Who are you to mock me as a lowly illegitimate child

Qiao Ximin huffed and puffed, and the proud smile on her face emphasized her contempt.

If you think you\'re so capable, why not ask father to give you some responsibilities.

Insulting me won\'t change how foolish and useless you are!

She was a daughter of a big family, and even if she were quarreling, she could do so with composure and arrogance.

She would not risk looking inferior.

It was clear to her that the only method to deal with Qiao Lixin was to provoke him.

After all, she could hardly be blamed if he was not clever enough for any other tactics.

As expected, Qiao Lixin was greatly enraged by her words.

He had been looked down on often enough by the family, and the merciless mockery from Qiao Ximin sent him into a fit of anger.

I will succeed! For someone like you who uses their looks to survive, your only value is to serve men of the mayor\'s age.

The young master might as well be your son.

What use do you have there anyway All of you will regret looking down on me, just wait and see!

Qiao Ximin turned her face away and clenched her fists as she tried to suppress the fury in her heart.

Her scheming eyes portrayed a fierce desire to destroy this man.

Turning around, Qiao Ximin walked past Qiao Lixin in her seven-inch heels that made her look a whole head taller than him.

You said it yourself: let\'s wait and see!

Let\'s wait and see then!

Her attempt to provoke him had been successful.

With a hum, Qiao Ximin turned and left the courtyard, heading to her sports car, which was parked at the gates.

If she could only make Qiao Lixin cause some trouble for the family, the Qiao family would realize the consequences of removing her and letting a low-level playboy take over.

She would do all that it took to regain all that had been taken from her.

She had all the time in the world and, knowing his intelligence level, she knew she was bound to succeed.

A figure emerged from the bushes along the mansion\'s driveway.

Qiao Ximin braked and the figure rushed into the car.

As the door closed, the car sped off again.

The man who had gotten into the car placed a stack of information that he had gathered onto the dashboard.

This is all the information I could find out about the girl.

There is no more.

She\'s not that special, just the daughter of a Director, though she did get into Jingdu University this year, so she will be in school with you.

Why did she catch your attention

You\'re wrong if you think there\'s nothing special about her.

My sixth sense as a woman tells me that this girl is someone I need to look out for!

In fact, it was beyond a sixth sense.

It was a very, very strong instinct.

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