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Chapter 962: Training Days

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As there were a few more free days before the start of school, Mu Feichi called Yun Xi to come up to Tianyu Mountain to train with him.

The training consisted of all the self-defense techniques and one-on-one fighting skills that Yan Shuo had not taught her and that were now Mu Feichis responsibility to teach her.

These two areas were ones in which Yun Xi was not the strongest.

Her reaction speed needed to be faster, and her female physique naturally made her weaker in strength.

However, punches and kicks did not leave room for emotions, and, although Mu Feichi had held back, Yun Xi had taken a few hits.

Though she might not have viewed them as painful, Mu Feichi felt a tinge in his heart with every punch he gave her.

Just as Yun Xi had turned her body to avoid an oncoming fist, she pushed her clenched fist out and struck hard toward Mu Feichis chest.

At this very moment, Mu Feichi instantly evaded the punch and swiftly threw out another toward her face.

His speed was fast and the punch was coming in strong, but, just before it connected with her, he forcibly pulled back all of his strength..

In the face of the woman he loves, he was unwilling to give his full power.

If she was in pain, he would be in pain emotionally too.

He was suffering having to do this.

There were times when he could not control his strength and speed, and she had retaliated in like manner.

However, she would be the injured one if the two really collided.

So he held back at the most crucial moments, but Yun Xi did not step back also.

She lifted her leg and kicked toward his chest.

Mu Feichi did not have time to evade her and took the oncoming kick, and it took him a few steps back to recover from it.

A pang of pain spread throughout his chest.

Mu Feichi looked down and saw the footprint she had left on his chest.

When he looked up again, he wore a half-smile on his face and his wickedly handsome features portrayed a charmed but resigned smile.

“So cruel woman, are you trying to murder your own husband, babe”

“Im fighting as if this was a real fight, Young Commander.

You cant expect the enemy to hold back and be careful simply because I am a woman.

If you cant fight me at full force, I wont know my limits and my weak spots!”

Panting slightly, Yun Xi rubbed the shoulder that had been hit.

Her eyes moved to the man who had not brought out his true strength in this fight and a glimmer of determination was shining in her eyes.

Mu Feichi raised his brows and hesitated for a moment before nodding in agreement.

“Well, then, you have to give your all, or you will be the one in pain.”

Yu Xi smiled and gestured for him to carry on.

She was challenging the strongest man in Jun Country in the most sincere way possible.

Clenching her fists tight, she eyed the man in front of her cautiously and shifted the weight of her back leg further behind.

She was in the proper defensive stance.

Mu Feichis speed was faster than she had ever imagined.

Even in her reaction-time training with Instructor Yan in the desert, he did not move as fast as Mu Feichi did.

The natural upper hand of men in terms of strength and speed was having to compete with her reaction speed at the present time.

Yun Xi dodged down immediately to avoid the punch and kick that was coming her way and simultaneously charged sprightly toward Mu Feichi.

She was close to landing a punch on him, but he had agilely moved away from her attack and simultaneously thrown another attack her way.

She had thought she was safe, but it did not occur to her that the previous punch had been a bluff, and the real attack came as she was turned around.

The punch connected with her back, sending her to the ground with great force.

The large training room floors were covered with thick floor mats so she would not be injured if she fell on them, but the sudden force had impacted her greatly.

Yun Xi subconsciously flipped and rolled on the floor to avoid injuring her critical areas.

With a quick push up from her hands against the floor, she launched herself up to attack Mu Feichis knees once more.

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