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Chapter 966: My Wife Can Be Better Than I Am

Their conversation had changed quickly.

Yun Xi turned her head and gave him a sideways glance.

“There is still a difference between studying medicine and being a sniper spotter.

Maybe some day, when its just the two of us, we will encounter a formidable sniper, and you will need a professional spotter, wont you”

After a pause, she realized that he was not willing to let her face war.

However, no one could guarantee that there would be no unexpected situations in their future.

“Even if that were the case, I could handle it.

I dont need your help!”

“Young Commander, are you afraid that I wont be able to cooperate with you, or are you afraid that I will beat you After all, we are both students of Instructor Yan.”

In the face of his insistence, Yun Xi could only use reverse psychology to trigger him.

Nonetheless, her method only made Mu Feichi laugh.

He let go of her hand, pushed his hands back, and looked at her domineeringly.

His deep black eyes locked her in his sights.

“If you can beat me, I will be delighted.

It would be my honor and pride that my wife is better than I am.

I cant wait to show the whole world how capable my wife is.

If you are better than I am, I would be happy to live off you.”

“…” Yun Xi wanted to put her head in her hands.

She really could not find any adjectives to describe his roguishness.

For someone who stood in the highest position, it was common to feel pressured and threatened.

It was especially true when another person surpassed them.

However, he was the opposite, and he was proud of it.

Any other man who had been accused of living off a woman would pull a chair and challenge others to a fight.

She had never seen someone like him who relished the idea.

If it had been a little white face with no spine who had said it, it would be a different matter altogether.

However, Mu Feichi was the most bloodthirsty and vital man in Jun Country.

If he said he wanted to live off her, no one would take him seriously.

Seeing her annoyed and helpless look, Mu Feichi could not help but chuckle.

He raised his hand to stroke her head and helped her to her feet.

“Since you want to experience what its like to be my spotter, I will fulfill your wish.”

As long as he could give her what she wanted, he would satisfy her as long as he could.

“Huh” Yun Xi looked at the man who had suddenly changed his mind in confusion.

“What do you mean”

“Go change into your camouflage uniform.

Ill take you to the training base and let you experience what its really like to be my spotter.”

“Really You will take me there” Instructor Yan had taught her how to be a sniper and a spotter.

She had already experienced being a sniper in actual combat back in the rain forest, but she had never experienced actual combat as a spotter.

Because he disagreed with her being a spotter, she did not expect him to let her experience it.

Wasnt he afraid that she would want a mile after being given an inch

She could not figure out how this man thought.

He was so capable and powerful and the depths of the things he had to concern himself with were more far-reaching than the seas.

What she did not know was that for Mu Feichi, even if she wanted his life, he would not blink an eye.

Mu Feichi took his phone and called Li Zilan, Qi Yuan, and Feng Rui and asked them to assemble at his training base.

He had three private training bases, one in the east next to the river, and occasionally he allowed his team members to conduct river-crossing and frogman training there.

The other two training bases were in the west.

One was an abandoned building 25 miles from the city, and the other was a abandoned military base.

This time they were going to the abandoned base, which was closely packed with buildings and completely deserted.

It had the elements like the antiterrorism training for snipers in the city did, so the actual combat drills there were perfect.

Soon, the helicopter outside the training camp stopped.

Mu Feichi came out of the equipment room with the gear and looked at the sniper rifle she was holding.

His dark eyes behind his sunglasses looked troubled.

Nothing was following the path that he had planned.

She was destined and determined to join him on the battlefield.

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