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Chapter 972: Dont Ruin the Plans

Yun Xi had planned to invite her uncle out for a meal before the start of school and inform him of her success in getting into a university.

What she had not expected was that Liang Weimin would invite her first after learning about her return and take her out for a meal to celebrate.

Liang Weimin had always seen Yun Xi as one of his daughters.

Now he didnt bother to call to invite Liang Danyi or Liang Xinyi.

His two daughters with Chen Lixue had abandoned him; his niece had been more filial toward him than his own daughters.

Hanging up the phone, Yun Xi dialed another number and called Qi Yuan to ask if there was any news about Chen Lixue.

Coincidentally, she was currently dining with the fourth elder of the Su family, Su Zongping.

After obtaining this information, Yun Xi hung up and changed for the outing.

As they stepped into the restaurant, Yun Xi immediately spotted a table by the window.

The table was crowded.

As well as Su Zongping and Chen Lixue, Liang Xinyi and Liang Danyi were both present, perhaps to celebrate Liang Xinyis admission into Jingdu University.

With the four of them sitting together, they really resembled a family.

Just as Yun Xi stopped, Liang Weimin stopped as well and looked where she was looking.

His expression immediately soured at the sight of the figures by the window.

Upon further thought, he decided that the two of them had already divorced and he really did not care whatever Chen Lixue did.

Yun Xi reached out and tugged at Liang Weimins sleeve, as she looked at the figures by the window coldly.

“How about we go somewhere else, Uncle”

Although she had brought him here with this specific intention, he was her uncle after all, and it was hard for her to set her emotions aside.

“No, this place is really good.

I came here with my colleague and the food is delicious.”

Liang Weimin chose a table over at the other side.

As soon as the two sat down, Liang Xinyi and Liang Danyi spotted them.

However, sitting with another man who had enabled the trio of mother and sisters to live a life of luxury, the two were afraid that if they spoke up they would ruin everything they had worked so hard for.

Their cold attitude instantly felt to Liang Weimin as if someone had poured a bucket of cold water on him.

He had always been a father who respected the opinions and lives of his children.

And, even when his daughters had refused to stay with him after the divorce, he had accepted it.

However, he did not expect them to be so cold.

It certainly hurt his heart.

Yun Xi couldnt believe Liang Xinyis pretense at obliviousness.

She laughed coldly to herself.

This seemed to be Liang Xinyis doing.

She found it hard to believe that Liang Danyi would have integrated into life in Jingdu so quickly.

This was unfolding in an interesting way.

Sister will be sisters.

They handle every problem in the same way.

Liang Xinyi did not want to sour their relationship with Su Zongping, and Yun Xi naturally did not want to ruin all the plans she had made thus far.

Yun Xi found it hard to watch as she could overhear the sounds of Chen Lixue doing her utmost to please Su Zongping.

She raised her hand and passed the menu to Liang Weimin.

When she spoke she raised her voice slightly, “Lets order, Uncle.”

Yun Xis voice brought Liang Weimin to his senses.

It didnt matter if his ex-wife and daughters were acting cold toward him.

They had lived their own lives after the divorce.

Having stayed in Jingdu for a while, they would naturally start looking down on his minor status.

There was no point in arguing with them.

“Order away, Yun Xi.

Dont even think about saving money for me.

I just had a promotion and a raise, and I will pay for this meal.”

Upon hearing Liang Weimins voice, Chen Lixue jerked her head around and stared at the two of them in shock.

She looked absolutely dumbfounded.

However, the two did not even seem to notice her and called the waiter over to order.

Chen Lixue noticed that Liang Xinyi and her sister had not made a sound and had pretended to have not noticed the two.

She turned around and continued her attempts to please Su Zongping.

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