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Chapter 975: Mu Feichi Delivers a Punching Bag

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As she exited the bathroom, Yun Xi glanced at her uncle.

He had seemed to accept the reality of his situation.

Yun Xi sighed to herself, feeling sad.

Any father would feel a chill in his bones when facing a cold and indifferent ex-wife and heartless daughters.

Liang Weimin stopped looking at his nasty daughters as his gaze fell on Yun Xi, who had returned to the table.

He could not help but reflect on the fact that unlike her, his daughters and ex-wife were so selfish and unaffectionate.

Was it because he had neglected to teach them correctly when they were growing up

However, he had also been responsible for teaching his niece, Yun Xi.

She had received less care and love than his daughters, but had become the most promising one of all of them.

It must be that it wasnt his teachings that had failed, but that Chen Lixue had brainwashed his two daughters so that they had grown up with no good values.

They had set their sights solely on the prosperity that they thought they would be able to achieve in Jingdu.

In pursuit of their dreams of luxury and wealth, they were no longer the same kind of people that he was.

Since he could not give them what they wanted, he did not wish to be an obstacle to them.

If he couldnt fulfill their desires in this manner, it would be for the best to just separate himself from them.

When he had finally come to understand this, his heart suddenly became clear.

After they checked out of the restaurant, Liang Weimin did not look at the table by the window again.

It was as if he had become a stranger to these three people, who formerly were his closest family.

He drove Yun Xi back to the villa residences.

At their entrance,, Liang Weimin rejected Yun Xis invitation to tea and lectured her like a father.

“Study hard.

If you have any difficulties, you can come to your uncle any time.

Uncle will visit you often!”

“Uncle…” Yun Xi hesitated and swallowed her words, flashing a bright smile to comfort him.

“If you can, then start over! You brought me up and are just like a father to me.”

He had given her much more warmth and affection than Yun Yuanfeng ever had.

In her heart, she considered him to be her true father.

Liang Weimin looked at this young girl who he had raised himself and felt grateful.

Compared to his two cold-hearted daughters, Yun Xi felt more like his daughter by blood.

Under the triple blow of losing his wife and daughters, he saw many things much more clearly.

Although everyone had abandoned him, he still had Yun Xi.

He admitted that he had not been devoted enough to her and had been biased toward his daughters by blood.

When Yun Xi returned to Jingdu alone, he did not immediately seek to stay in contact with her.

Nonetheless, she had not let him down because of the affection he had showered on her during the past decade.

She had even sent him festive goods during the new year.

He could not help but strongly blame himself for his bias and weakness at the beginning.

Fortunately, it was fine, and lucky for him, he had been able to return to the Yun family safely.

Otherwise, he would have regretted it for the rest of his life.

“Okay…” Liang Weimin nodded, and he choked up a little.

He patted Yun Xi on the shoulder.

“Its hot outside.

Go back inside.

Take care of yourself.”

“I will.

Please take care of yourself too.”

Yun Xi waved her hand at him and turned to walk back home quickly through the villa residences.

When she had asked her uncle to start over, she was not just mouthing empty words.

That night, Yun Xi had just opened her notebook and was about to ask Grey Wolf for some business information about the Su family and the Han family when she heard a knock on the window.

She saw Mu Feichi outside and opened the window to let him in.

“I heard that your uncle invited you for a meal today.” Mu Feichi turned around and sat down on the bed, carrying two documents in his hand.

“Yes! We ran into Su Zongping and my former aunt with her daughters eating together.

The scene was really exciting.”

Mu Feichi heard the sarcasm in her tone and chuckled lightly.

He rubbed her head affectionately.

“Who has made you upset”

“Am I upset” Yun Xi snorted.

Although she did not like to admit it, she was probably a bit unhappy about what his family had done to Liang Weimin.

She refused to look Mu Feichi in the eye.

Mu Feichi sighed.

He placed the two documents that he had brought over with him in front of her, leaning toward her with a half-smile.

“I know you are upset.

Look, I am giving you a punching bag.”

Yun Xi glanced down at the file resting on her notebook.

Suddenly, a handsome face leaned in close to her..

She could not read the file contents clearly, so she raised her hand to push him away.

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