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Chapter 979: Setting a Meeting

He was right.

She was still a student and not a wealthy heiress.

In what capacity was she going to see Su Donglin

Even if she was able to see him to have a discussion, Su Donglin would not believe that this young girl had any bargaining chips.

Mu Feichi could see that she was trapped.

He looked at her meaningfully and said, “Honey, I recommend myself for the job.”

“You knew this was going to happen…” What did he mean by recommending himself

“You have no choice.

You have to ask me for help with this matter.

No one is saying anything about begging.

You know that I will help you whether or not you beg me.”

“What are your conditions” She did not believe that his man would let such a good opportunity pass without asking for something.

“Originally, I was going to ask for no conditions.

However, it seems that you will feel uneasy if I dont give you some conditions.

You think I have trapped you again, right

Mu Feichi laughed.

“In that case…babe, sleep with me tonight!”

“…” What was this called She had shot herself in the foot!

Mu Feichi gazed at her annoyed look and chuckled.

“Okay, you just have to sleep next to me, and I wont do anything to you.

Come on, lets discuss how to push the Su family into the water.”

“Theres no need to discuss it.

I have a plan.”

“Oh, okay Tell me about it.”

“The Young Commander merely needs to give out an order for things to commence.

If you ask Su Donglin to come, he wont fail to show up.”

“And then”

“Then I will talk to Su Donglin.

You can stand by my side and do whatever you need to do.

I wont need your help though.”

“Babe, you cant burn bridges like this.”

Knowing that she was going to have this kind of idea, Mu Feichi smiled helplessly and took out his mobile phone to call Gu Baifan.

“Baifan, please help me to arrange a meeting with Su Donglin tomorrow at the Su Corporations restaurant.

Ask him to reserve the entire venue.”

Yun Xi turned to look at the man with the haughty expression sitting on the bed.

Only this man could make a person he was meeting with spend their own money to reserve an entire venue.

“Are you satisfied now” After he had hung up, Mu Feichi looked at Yun Xi with a grin.

He had no choice.

In front of Yun Xi, he was a man with no principles and no bottom line.

He would do anything for his woman.

Yun Xi nodded.

The matter was set, but she was not confident about how her conversation with Su Donglin would pan out.

In this project, she did not intend to pull the Su family into the water, but wanted to use this opportunity to get Su Zongping to marry Chen Lixue.

The rest of the familys participation in the project was just a bonus.

“Babe, Su Donglin is a smiling tiger.

Dont underestimate him.

Be careful when you fight him tomorrow.

You will find that he is a good opponent.”

“I dont intend to antagonize him.

To turn such a smart person into an enemy is not beneficial for me, and I am not stupid.

Besides, dont I still have you With you holding the fort, he wont dare to play any tricks on me.”

“Hmm, I guess youre not too silly.” Mu Feichi smiled and stretched out his hand to pull her onto the bed.

“This discussion is over.

Lets change the subject.”

“What subject do you want to talk about” Yun Xi sat cross-legged on the bed in front of him.

“Lets discuss your fishing arrangements.

As far as I know, Feng Yang has sent a lot of people out to search for Crocodile.

Until they have unearthed some information, you cant cast your net for the time being.”

“I know.

My initial suspicions are that there is not only one account book and two codeword pads.

Even if I have one book, I wont be able to decipher anything no matter how hard I stare at it.”

Mu Feichi pondered for a moment.

“If its a codeword pad, then you have to find another one.”

“This book was seized from Han Hongbin.

Did he say how exactly he was able to get this ledger”

“The Han Family has been involved in drug-related crimes for many years.

Do you think he would be truthful about the origins of the ledger”

“…” Truthfully, she had guessed that Mu Feichi would like to kill him.

No amount of bullets were enough to offset the sin of committing such heinous crimes!

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