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Chapter 981: Psychological Warfare

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“Since you are so confident, then go ahead and try.

But dont forget, you cant offend the Young Commander, otherwise dont blame me for thrashing you.”

In order to meet with the Young Commander and negotiate this project, Qiao Dehao had exhausted all his available relationships and contacts.

However, he had not seen any results so far.

Even when they had gotten in through the back door to participate in the Weiya Banquet last time, they could only look at him from afar and had not even had a chance to speak with him.

Qiao Lixin was so confident, and his tone did not seem frivolous.

He seemed as if he were serious.

If he knew people who could help him meet the Young Commander, it would certainly benefit them.

“Thank you, Dad!” With Qiao Dehaos consent, Qiao Lixin shot Qiao Ximin a triumphant look, and he challenged her with his gaze.

Qiao Ximin was perplexed by this turn of events.

Qiao Lixin was a typical playboy who ate, drank, and partied every day..

He had plenty of fair-weather friends who partied with him, but he could not possibly know someone who could help him meet the Young Commander.

Listening to his tone, it did not seem to be a joke.

Did he really have some connections that she had no idea about

If he were to get to see the Young Commander ahead of her, then she would no longer be able to guarantee her position in her fathers heart.

After all, she knew better than Qiao Lixin how important this project was.

If she lost at this first opportunity, she would be restrained completely in the future.

Clenching her fists, Qiao Ximin frowned and looked away from Qiao Lixins haughty face.

No matter how she did it, she was not going to let that idiot Qiao Lixin get a head start on her.

Suzhou Pavilion.

This high-end Chinese restaurant was one of the many businesses under the umbrella of the Su Corporation.

The Su family had authentic Jingdu roots, and the restaurant had borrowed their surname Su in their name, the Suzhou Pavilion.

The restaurant specialized in Jiangnan cuisine, as well as traditional Suzhou flavored dishes.

Jiangnan cuisine had a sweet taste, and, after the chefs improvisations, Jiangnan cuisine became very popular in Jingdu.

The Suzhou Pavilion had gained a reputation that quickly spread throughout Jingdu, and it ranked among the top ten restaurants in the city.

Su Donglin was surprised and in disbelief when he received a call from Gu Baifan, the Mu familys executive director.

He had never expected this illustrious man to arrange a meeting with him.

As he could tell from the instructions to book the entire venue, this was not just any appointment.

He did not give it a second thought before ordering his subordinates to book the place as requested.

Only the chef and a few waiters remained in the restaurant to serve them a meal.

Early the following morning, he arrived at the restaurant and waited patiently.

The Su family had always been the most low key among the big four wealthiest families.

While the various forces in Jingdu maintained a stable balance, they were neither the first to step out nor to act as a cushion for the others and merely sustained a state of equilibrium.

The Mu family had never troubled the Su family.

Su Donglin stayed awake all night trying to figure out why the Young Commander had suddenly asked to meet him, but it was to no avail.

He didnt have a clue.

Gradually, when the time came for their appointment, Yun Xi glanced at the man beside her and poked his arm.

They had been parked in the underground parking lot for more than ten minutes, but he hadnt moved.

“Young Commander, how long are you planning to stay here” She remembered that he was never late or early for meetings.

“This meeting is between you and Su Donglin.

If you arrive too early, you will lose half of your momentum.

From the beginning of the negotiations, you will have no chance of winning against Su Donglin.”

This was the first lesson of psychological warfare, and he tacitly taught her everything she should learn.

Yun Xi understood the philosophy, but she knew that she was young and had low credibility, so she did not have high hopes.

She had already planned to cross that bridge when she got there, and thinking like that made her feel calm.

She had dragged Mu Feichi along to boost her bargaining power, but success or failure depended on luck, how convinced Su Donglin was, and the position of Mu Feichi, who was the Young Commander.

There were many variables, and her expectations were not high, so she was in no hurry.

Mu Feichi raised his hand to check the time.

There were only 20 minutes left before the appointment.

From the underground parking lot to the restaurant, it took only four to five minutes, and it was neither too long nor too late.

Leaning over, he pushed open the door and got out of the car.

He walked to Yun Xis side and opened the door for her in a gentlemanly fashion.

“Lets go.

The time is just right.”

This was her battlefield..

He could pave a smooth road for her, but it was up to her to forge her path ahead.

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