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Chapter 983: A Frank Discussion

“In that case, Ill skip the introductions.

Lets go in!”

Mu Feichi turned and glanced at Yun Xi and walked toward the restaurant in a manner that seemed like he owned the place.

Su Donglin had reserved the venue for them, and the full-height windows in the restaurant provided excellent natural light.

From these windows, there was a panoramic view of the city and the winding river just below.

Leaning back on a high-backed sofa, Mu Feichi crossed his legs in a manner that clearly indicated his intention to exclude himself from the negotiations.

Su Donglin was keenly aware of the Young Commanders attitude, and his eyes fell on the figure opposite him.

“Miss Yun, please have a seat.

What would you like to drink” Su Donglin took the menu and handed it to her in a gentlemanly fashion.

In front of gentlemen, ladies always went first.

Su Donglin did not ignore Yun Xi because of Mu Feichis special status.

Instead, he asked for her preferences first.

Yun Xi could not help but look at him in a new light.

Compared with Han Yaotians superficial exploitation of her, Su Donglin was a clever man.

She had yet to start bargaining with him, but she realized that Mu Feichi had been right all along.

This man was as brilliant as Jiang Chenghuan.

He was a clever man who hid his abilities well.

Even in her past life, she had not known much about his personality and business skills.

Often, the most powerful characters would be the most inconspicuous and unfathomable.

Su Donglin had an aura of mystery surrounding him.

Yun Xi glanced at the menu and smiled politely, “Ill have a glass of iced lemon tea and a soda for the Young Commander, thank you.”

“Okay!” Su Donglin passed the order to the manager, then turned to look at the two people opposite him, a wild guess playing in his head.

It seemed that the person who had wanted to meet with him today was not the Young Commander, but the young girl in front of him.

However, he directed the conversation to Mu Feichi.

“Young Commander, you wanted to meet with me today…”

“It is not me who wants to meet you.

She wants to meet you.” Mu Feichi glanced at Yun Xi next to him, then looked at Su Donglin, who now had a clear idea of what was going on and did not require a further hint.

Even though he had guessed it, Su Donglin was stunned by Mu Feichis directness.

“It turns out that Miss Yun wishes to meet me.

I wonder if Miss Yun has any advice for me”

“Eldest Young Master Su glorifies me too much.

I am in no position to advise you, but I need your help in a matter.”

Since Yun Xi was also being so direct, Su Donglin answered her frankly, “Miss Yun, please let me know how I can be of service.

I will try my best to see if I can help.”

The Young Commander had come here just to help her, so he had to show the Young Commander respect no matter what.

Su Donglin also did not beat around the bush.

It was too hypocritical to play a guessing game, and doing so would only turn people off.

“Eldest Young Master Su is a straightforward person, so I will be direct with you.”

Yun Xi explained to him her intentions and mentioned Su Zongping and Chen Lixue.

Su Donglin listened to her and analyzed the pros and cons in his mind.

“Miss Yun, I dont quite understand.

Since shes only an ex-aunt, why are you working so hard over her affairs”

His sister had told him that Yun Xis aunt and cousin were not decent people and had even treated her poorly since childhood.

It was out of the norm to act like she did and try to find a way out for them with such dedication.

At the very least, it was unlikely that such big-hearted people existed.

However, the sentiment the young girl in front of him exuded made him feel that it was not that simple.

In addition, he knew exactly the kind of person his fourth uncle was.

It was not strange that he had had his eyes on her ex-aunt.

From his knowledge of his fourth uncles weird kinks, he would not have expected anything less from him.

If his Fourth Uncle decided to remarry, even Grandfather Su would have to ask him first since he was now in charge of the Su family.

This was the allure of the patriarch power.

To be in charge of a large family, the influence and status one yielded as the patriarch was extraordinary.

“Im doing this because I want my uncle to start his life afresh.

Only by blocking the backdoor opportunities of my ex-aunt can he start a new life.

This way, my ex-aunt will have no bargaining chips to pester my uncle with anymore.”

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