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Chapter 984: Mountains of Gold Fulfilled

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Su Donglin got the message, and Yun Xis request was not difficult for him.

However, allowing Fourth Uncle to marry this middle-aged woman was not the best idea.

Even though his fourth aunt had passed away, they still had a relationship with the Jiang family, and the Su family did not want to offend them.

Yun Xi seemed to understand his concerns and took a deep breath.

“Is Eldest Young Master Su worried about the Jiang family The Young Commander has said that he will come forward to resolve the matters with the Jiang family, so you dont have to worry about it.”

“Oh” Su Donglin turned to look at the Young Commander, who was pretending to be invisible.

He saw him nod slightly.

He indulged this young girl so much and gave her so much authority to control the situation.

The way he treated her made Su Donglin even more curious about her.

Young Commander Mu had come in person to bring her to him to negotiate terms.

It would be foolish of him if he did not show her due respect.

“Since Miss Yun is so confident, and the Young Commander has agreed to help, I have no problem with it.

However, in the matter of my uncles remarriage, as a younger generation in the family, I will still need to ask the elders before giving Miss Yun the final answer.”

“Certainly.” Yun Xi nodded.

Since Su Donglin had said this, it meant that he had agreed.

Who did not know that if Su Zongping were to remarry, he still had to ask for the consent of this family patriarch

If he agreed, it was equivalent to Su Zongpings approval.

Lowering her head, Yun Xi took out a document from her bag and pushed it in front of Su Donglin.

“This is a gift to return the favor.”

Su Donglin looked at the folder that she had pushed in front of him.

He hesitated and then opened it.

When he saw the project at the top, he raised his head in surprise.

He didnt look at Yun Xi, but at the Young Commander, who had not spoken a word since hed sat down.

After all, the Mu family was spearheading this project.

Without the Young Commanders permission and the mayors intervention, other groups had to go through the official tender if they wanted to participate.

The procedures were complicated and time-consuming, and the review criteria were strict.

In addition to the companys capability, it also boiled down to luck.

However, the Young Commander had sacrificed such a large-scale project for this girl to dole out as a gift…

Earlier, he had thought that this girl was not ordinary, but now he could not help but think deeply about her relationship with the Young Commander.

She could make the Young Commander indulge her to the point that he even spoiled her rotten.


That was right.

If he could give away a project worth tens of billions to this girl to give away as a gift, she must have a special place in his heart.

It was otherwise impossible for him to behave like such a self-indulgent ruler.

When Su Donglin came to his senses about the sensitivities of the matter, he could not help but look at Yun Xi in a new light.

The girl was quite pretty, but perhaps because of her young age, it was easy for people to overlook her easily concealed beauty.

Her fearless eyes did not shy away from him as he scrutinized her and were clear as glass.

There was a scorching light within them, and the smile on her face was bright and radiant.

She had an air of confidence and determination in her that contrasted greatly with her youth.

This young girl was vastly different from others of her age.

She was not a beautiful and fragile vase, nor was she content to settle for mediocrity.

Mu Feichi played with the glass in his hand.

He could see Su Donglins unasked questions and curled his lips slightly.

His eyes were deep and piercing.

“I unconditionally support what she wants to do.”

In a sentence, he displayed his attitude on this matter.

What she wished to do was his business.

At this moment, even if Su Donglin had been slow to react, he understood the Young Commanders meaning.

The media were constantly speculating about what kind of woman would catch the eye of the Young Commander of Jun Country, but they would never have guessed that the Young Commander liked this type.

This young girl was unique, and the combination of the pair of them was beyond anyones expectations.

“Does Miss Yun know that all the aristocratic families in Jingdu are after this project Isnt it too extravagant for you to give it away so easily”

“I dont have much of a clue about this, but it doesnt really matter to the Young Commander anyway.”

“…” Her words made Su Donglin dumbfounded.

She had no idea, but wouldnt the Young Commander know It didnt matter to him because he did not need the money!

He clearly did not mind spending this sum of money to buy her happiness.

Mountains of gold fulfilled her wishes.

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