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Chapter 985: Opportunities and Challenges

This was a thank-you gift that everyone wanted.

But now that Mu Feichi had gifted it to Su Donglin, he didnt know how to deal with it.

If it had been something else, Su Donglin probably would have just accepted it.

But this thank-you gift seemed to be worth much more than what he had been tasked to do.

“You dont have to overthink it.

Just as Yun Xi said, this is nothing to me, so you dont have to feel bad about it.

The Su Corporation did tender for the bidding of this project and is a strong company.

If Mu Corporation and Su Corporation can work together, we will be able to maximize the benefits.”

Su Donglin nodded his head.

“Yes! It will be our honor to work with the Mu Corporation.

Im looking forward to the pleasant cooperation.”

“Likewise for us.” Yun Xi was about to shake Su Donglins hand, but Mu Feichi cut in to shake the mans hand instead.

Su Donglin witnessed Mu Feichis overbearing attitude about not letting any other men touch Yun Xi.

He realized that he shouldnt offend or treat the little girl carelessly.

Both Mu Feichi and Yun Xi left without lunch, and Su Donglin did not stay long either.

He looked at the file in his hand, and he made a call to his secretary, giving instructions to call for an urgent meeting.

It was not every day that one could get to work with the Mu Corporation, so it was an excellent opportunity for the Su Corporation.

Once the news spread, his companys stock price would rise very high, so he must prepare all the necessary responses.

Now that the Su Corporation was taking part in this project, he would need to produce a brilliant proposal.

If he failed to do it, doubts from external parties will push the company into the limelight.

Opportunities and challenges come hand in hand.

But, as someone who was able to make decisions, Su Donglin cant afford to be negligent or careless.

On the way back, Yun Xi was full of praise and admiration for Su Donglin.

Mu Feichis face darkened as he listened to her.

Praising another man in front of him… Was he dead or something

“Sir, what do you think” Yun Xi did not sense the atmosphere and even asked Mu Feichi for his opinion.

But then she noticed that his expression was not particularly good.

“I dont think so.” Mu Feichi snorted softly.

He really didnt want to talk to her about this, nor did he want to continue the discussion.

“Why Dont you like Su Donglin”

After interacting with Su Donglin today, Yun Xi had found out that he was a capable man worthy of Mu Feichis high praise.

“Since when” Mu Feichi turned away and refused to answer her questions.

Since Mu Feichi didnt want to talk, Yun Xi asked Qi Yuan who was driving.

“Qi Yuan, you know Su Donglin well, right”

Qi Yuan handled most of the information passed on to Mu Feichi, so he would most likely know something if Mu Feichi knew about it.

EEHHH… Qi Yuan looked at the back seat from the rear-view mirror.

He could see that Mu Feichi seemed really unhappy.

How could Qi Yuan not understand what had made the Young Commander angry

But instead of reading the atmosphere, Miss Yun had been slow to realize what was going on.

Why are they both so clueless and ignorant about their love relationship that its making everyone around them anxious

“Miss Yun, Su Donglin is capable, but our Young Commander is way better than he is.

If you admire Su Donglin so much, shouldnt you like our Commander even more”

“Whaaat” Yun Xi turned to look at Mu Feichi sitting beside her.

She suddenly understood what the proud Young Master was struggling with.

“Sir, you dont like me talking about Su Donglin”

Me Feichi glared at her and grunted, “You keep on talking about Su Donglin.

Cant you see that I am here sitting beside you”

“No, I just thought that hes quite a character.”

“So what Do you think he can do anything on his own since hes under my control”

Mu Feichi turned to his side and got dangerously close to Yun Xi, “Babe, dont even think about climbing to the other side of the wall!”

“Sir, youve overestimated me.

The wall around you is too tall.

I might not be able to get over it anyway.”

You cant reason with a jealous man.

What Yun Xi said obviously had the effect of reassuring him, as Mu Feichi immediately calmed down and stopped saying anything else.

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