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Chapter 986: Asking for Trouble

A new school semester had begun.

As Si Wenxuan had been accepted into Jingdu University, the President summoned Mu Feichi to the Presidents official residence to discuss the security details for his daughter.

Yun Xi decided not to go with him to the Presidents official residence, so she went to look for Zhao Yumo instead.

Mu Feichi didnt stop her.

But he reminded her to be careful and take extra precautions in case Qiao Lixin were to look for her.

Although Mu Feichi doesnt really take the good-for-nothing rich mans son Qiao Lixin seriously, its better to be careful anyway.

The minute that Mu Feichi stepped into the Presidents official residence, Si Wenxuan rushed over to him.

From her behavior, it seemed as if she had been waiting for a long time.

Mu Feichi frowned slightly.

He glanced at the door sill as he entered, but did not remind Si Wenxuan to be careful.

Si Wenxuan initially thought that Mu Feichi would be nicer to her since they hadnt met for six months.

She didnt expect that he still wouldnt like seeing her.

Si Wenxuan tripped on the door sill as she was about to grab Mu Feichi.

She then fell straight to the ground.

Mu Feichi continued walking toward the Presidents office as if he didnt see her fall.

It was probably a bad fall, as Si Wenzuan started screaming and burst out crying.

“Brother Chi! Pull me up! Brother Chi…”

Si Wenxuan sat on the floor and looked at her scraped knees.

She looked up once more but only to see Mu Feichi walking farther away from her.

Seeing what happened, the guards hurried forward to help Si Wenxuan, but she kicked out instead.

“Get away from me! Who asked you to help”

Si Wenxuan was unreasonable and made a scene.

Her temper made it awkward for the guards, as they didnt know whether to stay or to leave.

Mu Feichi had already walked far away when he heard Si Wenxuan throwing tantrums.

He stopped and turned back to where she was.

Hearing the footsteps, Si Wenxuan was full of expectations.

She looked up and saw Mu Feichi walking toward her.

She then looked at him pitifully with tears still on her face.

“Brother Chi, I knew you wouldnt leave me alone!”

Si Wenxuan put out her hand hoping that Mu Feichi would help her up.

If he did that, she can take the opportunity to fall into his arms and hug him tight.

But she did not expect the haughty, stern man to be as cold as usual.

Mu Feichi gave direct orders to the guards around them.

“No one is allowed to help her up.

Let her get up on her own.

You are still the same after attending etiquette classes for so long.

I think your teacher should be fired.”

“Brother Chi, I…”

Si Wenxuan was about to explain herself, but Mu Feichi had walked off once again.

He did not even look straight at her once.

“Brother Chi, listen to me…”

Si Wenxuan suddenly remembered that Mu Feichi had trained many of the guards in the Presidents official residence.

Some of the guards were his comrades too.

Its no wonder he was so angry since she had humiliated his comrades.

But she did not do it on purpose.

She was angry, and it came out in a fit.

Si Wenxuan was in pain, but she stood up from the ground and limped after Mu Feichi.

The President, Si Jingting, saw two people coming in one after another.

He immediately frowned when he saw Si Wenxuan limping in behind.

“What happened” Si Jingting stood up and saw that there was a scrape on her knee.

Seeing that, he already knew what had happened without the need to ask anything further.

Si Jingting knew his daughter best.

Mu Feichi wont change his attitude toward her since he doesnt like her at all.

But this daughter of his doesnt know when to give up, and she can only blame herself for all the trouble.

“Father…” Si Wenxuan turned to look at the arrogant man beside her.

She wouldnt dare to voice her dissatisfaction in front of Mu Feichi, as it would only make him hate her more.

“Thats enough.

Go down and let the doctor treat your wounds.

Dont come crying to me if there is a scar!”

Si Jingting didnt want any further discussion on the matter, so he sent Si Wenxuan off to the doctor.

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