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Chapter 987: He Will Shoulder Both

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Although Si Wenxuan was unwilling to leave, the more she thought about the wound on her knee and the potential scar it might leave, the more she became worried.

Soon she left for the military doctor without another word.


Once she had left, Mu Feichi felt an immediate sense of relief.


He had spent much thought on the issue of Si Wenxuans security.

Not only was she snobbish and spoiled as the eldest daughter of the family, but also she had a stubborn temper.

Jingdu University was a large and complicated environment with many different people.

It was going to be a pain to look after her security.

“Ive asked my men to prepare a tracking chip and to place it inside her necklace.

As long as she is wearing it, we will be able to trace her location.

However, we must make sure she doesnt travel with many guards or it will attract unwanted attention.

I found some female bodyguards who are in the same grade as she is and have hired them to protect her.

That seems convenient.

The school has arranged for security too, so there should be no issue with her protection.”

“Thats great! I still believe letting her attend a university near home is safer.

She would have no one familiar around her if she was overseas, and what if something happened to her with no one around”

His identity and status had determined that he and his family would not be able to lead a peaceful and normal life.

“You dont need to worry.

The Special Forces have sufficient training to ensure they will protect her well.

Moreover, Yun Xi goes to this school too, and she can help in looking after her.”

Yun Xi… Si Jingting recalled the young girl who had saved the life of his wife and the stories he had heard about her achievements in many international competitions and as Jingdus valedictorian in three different subjects.

A child this clever was hard to come by.

“Her grades are excellent.

Why didnt she go overseas I heard many overseas universities had sent her invitation letters.”

He was aware that the Mu family did not need a family of the same status to marry into that family.

But even so, ones status would be drastically different if one was to return from an overseas university.

He was surprised to know that the young girl had dismissed many great opportunities and chosen to remain in the country, but at the same time he felt a sense of relief.

With talented individuals like her staying and contributing to the country, they could make Jun Country more powerful.

“She doesnt need to go overseas to be able to stand beside me.

With all her talents and skills, she will achieve the same status if she studies in her home country.

The only difference is the amount of time needed to train her.

Besides, although there are many good things in foreign lands, nothing compares to being in your home country with your family.

What do you think, sir”

“Agreed! She has such good aspirations too.

Compared to my daughter, shes far more clever and understanding.

Now that we have mentioned Yun Xi, your father had complimented her much, even Yan Shuo regards her with much respect.

I heard she had trained with Yan Shuo for a few months, so she certainly has the potential to become a pillar of our nation.”

Mu Feichi lowered his head and smiled at the mention of his beloved.

“I do not wish the same for her that is on me.

I will shoulder all the responsibilities of this country.

All she will have to do is stay home and keep being her pretty self.”

No man would want to have their women accompany them on the battlefield.

It was a responsibility for the men to tackle and nothing for the women to worry about.

Si Jingting smiled and gave Mu Feichis shoulders a slight pat.

He sighed and replied, “You have weaknesses too.

There will come a time when you have to learn to pick and choose responsibly.”

Mu Feichi looked down, but the determination and will in his pupils were unwavering, and he delivered his words with the same confidence and dominance as he always had.

“Only those who are weak have to make a choice.

I do not need to!”

Between the country and the woman he loves, he would shoulder both of them.

There had never been a conflict between the two to him.

It was his duty as a soldier to carry more duties and responsibilities in comparison to others, but this did not mean that he would give up and abandon his loved ones or his emotions and dreams.

Si Jingting looked at him silently, as the past was brought up to the forefront of his thoughts.

The decision between love and country…he had experienced it 20 years ago..

All he could hope now was that the world and his home country remained peaceful for the rest of his life.

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