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Chapter 988: Needle in a Haystack

Mu Feichi had told Yun Xi that Qiao Lixin had designs on her, so his arrival was fully expected.

What had not been expected was that Qiao Ximin would come with him, but now that she was here, Yun Xi did not want to waste time playing games with her.

She was going to let her know right away that she had a relationship with Mu Feichi.

If Qiao Ximin found out that she was able to arrange a meeting between Mu Feichi and Qiao Ximin, she would become a valuable presence in Qiao Ximins eyes.

In her past life, Qiao Ximin had tried everything in her power to be close to Yun Xi in order to use her.

In this life, Yun Xi will purposefully throw opportunities toward her, but Yun Xi will be in complete control.

When the right time arrived, she would do anything to Qiao Ximin that she wanted to do.

It was a shame that this had occurred so early in the game.

But Yun Xi was in control and could do anything she wanted.

Qiao Lixins silver sports car pulled up in front of her immediately after Yun Xi ended her call with Feng Rui.

The man opened the car door and got out of the car.

He took his sunglasses off and asked, “Miss Yun, are you free right now I was wondering if you would be free to grab a coffee with me”

“I dont know you though.” Yun Xi stepped back.

It was Zhao Yumos cue to enter.

“Oh, hello, Mr Qiao, you have business with Yun Xi”

Qiao Lixin looked over at the girl whod just entered the picture.

She was a total stranger to him.

Nevertheless, all that mattered was that she had recognized him.

For this reason, his coming to see Yun Xi wouldnt seem so strange.

He could make use of this opportunity to get to know Yun Xi better.

The two werent very significant people, so it wasnt difficult for him to start flattering them in pursuit of his goals.

“I wanted to ask you both out for a cup of coffee.

Would that be all right”

Zhao Yumo tugged at Yun Xis arms and put on an awestruck face as she introduced Qiao Lixin excitedly, “Yun Xi, this is the son of the Qiao family.

Hes three years our senior.”

“Oh So hes our senior” Yun Xi pretended to be astounded at the revelation.

“Does the senior need something from me”

Yun Xi and Zhao Yumo had gone through the basic introductions on their own and this had saved Qiao Lixin some saliva.

“I wanted to have a chat over coffee and ask if you two were willing to help me with something.”

The two exchanged a look and seemed rather hesitant.

Qiao Lixin wondered if he had worded that weirdly, and the two had become worried that he might have ulterior motives, so he scrambled to explain, “Just coffee and a chat… You both are invited! Im not a bad person, and right now its broad daylight so you dont have to worry.”

“Sure! Lets go to the cafe on the opposite side of the road.”

Qiao Lixin eyed the cafe across the road and nodded.

“Sure, you two head there first.

I will park and follow you two over.”

Yun Xi and Zhao Yumo exchanged looks again and turned toward the cafe.

Just as they passed Qiao Lixins sports car, Yun Xi looked into its front mirrors and spotted a red sports car parked not too far away.

With a smirk, she carried on her walk to the cafe on the other side of the street.

Qiao Lixin hurried after them, almost as if he was worried that the two would not wait two minutes and desert him.

They ordered two cups of fruit juice, and as soon as they were finished ordering, Qiao Lixin asked Yun Xi a casual question.

“You must be just starting school, right”

Yun Xi nodded.

“Did senior need something”

“Well, I heard that you know the Young Commander”

HMMM “Which Young Commander” Yun Xi asked innocently.

“Is there more than one Young Commander of Jun Country” Qiao Lixin laughed.

“You live in the villa residences established for the military, right These residences are only down the hill from where Mu Mansion is located.”

Despite the short distance, it was a dreamy yet impossible journey for anyone to take.

There were less than a handful of people who could reach the top of Tianyu Mountain.

If he had not taken a long time to learn about Yun Xis history as someone who had tended to the injuries of the Young Commander, finding someone close to and possibly able to introduce him to the Young Commander would have been like looking for a needle in a haystack.

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