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Chapter 990: Qiao Ximin Schemes

It was only a bit later in the afternoon when Qiao Lixin got a call from Qi Yuan inviting him to a discussion in a restaurant close to the villa residences.

Yun Xi was not concerned with what they were going to discuss or with any decisions that resulted from the discussion.

All that mattered to her was that all seemed to be going according to plan.

This was just an excuse to use Qiao Lixin and the Qiao family and leave the arrogant Qiao Ximin out.

Qiao Ximin felt as if she was on the edge of a mental collapse once she heard that Qiao Lixin had met with those around the Young Commander.

Although he did not meet the Young Commander yet, he had successfully negotiated the project anyway.

She couldnt believe that Qiao Lixin had been the one to have this opportunity fall into his hands.

She recalled the meeting he had had with Yun Xi yesterday.

Hardly any time had passed since then, and he had already gotten his hands on this opportunity.

This was no coincidence.

Knowing Qiao Lixins skills and networking abilities, she knew he would not be able to make contact with the Young Commander on his own, nor would he ever have a chance of getting a project.

Yun Xi must have provided him with this opportunity.

Qiao Ximin had completely underestimated Yun Xi.

It had never occurred to her that she had such a valuable connection to the Young Commander.

Qiao Ximin sat in her car and screamed.

This was her only way of releasing the anger and turmoil that was bottled up inside of her.

As soon as she regained her composure, she forced herself to take another look at Yun Xi.

University classes were starting soon.

Qiao Ximin realized that if she could make friends with Yun Xi, she could use that connection to have an opportunity to meet up with the Young Commander one day.

The early bird could always catch the worm.

She had to regroup and re-strategize.

For the sake of her own future and in order to marry someone she really loved, she would have the Young Commander no matter what.

She had always had feelings for him, and her ultimate goal had always been to marry this man of her dreams.

As university had started, Yun Xi carried her luggage to her new apartment near school and arranged to meet up with Zhao Yumo to go to class together.

Every corner of the campus was full of freshman orientation banners.

As Yun Xi walked down the paths, she could see many people packed within each faculty, and the entire scene was buzzing with excitement.

Zhao Yumo headed for the School of Law, while Yun Xi set off for the Medical School.

She was searching for the building when she noticed seniors from the surrounding faculties seemed to be looking at her with great curiosity.

“Hey, do yall think that she looks like the top scholar in three subjects who was reported in the newspapers”

“She does dress like her…”

“The top scholar in three subjects from Jingdu High School… That girl looks exactly the same!”


Someone mustered their courage and approached her from the crowd.

“Hey there, which school are you from”

Yun Xi stared at the senior who was asking the question and smiled politely.

“The Medical School, may I ask which direction is it in”

“Are you Yun Xi from Jingdu High School”

Yun Xi nodded and looked toward him in confusion.

“I am, is something the matter”

The entire Medical School had fewer people than one class in the School of Business.

It was tough to study in the Medical School, and there werent very many people who were willing to sign up for the major.

Additionally, she was the only female to join this year.

The gender imbalance was severe.

“You must be the Yun Xi who was the top scholar in three subjects.” As soon as she had confirmed her name, another senior called out as if to relay the message.

In an instant, Yun Xi was surrounded by curious seniors.

Everyone was extremely curious about her.

Ever since they had found out that she had chosen to go to Medical School, they had kept their eyes locked on the Medical School, hoping to catch a glimpse of the scholar.

After all, she was the only one in the history of Jingdu to be a top scholar in three subjects.

Everyone had thought she must be a nerd.

Who would have ever thought she was as beautiful as a water nymph

In her sage green vintage gauze dress, she held herself with the gentleness of an established woman of the water towns of the south.

Anyone who looked at her felt as if they had been transported to the famous poem “A Lane in the Rain” by Dai Wangshu.

Holding an oil-paper umbrella, her lovely scent was as beautiful as a work of art, a beauty that was timeless and incomparable.

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