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Chapter 991: Two Beauties Contesting

Surrounded by so many upperclassmen, Yun Xi could only smile awkwardly and think hard about how to find a way out of the situation.

She had intended to keep a low profile.

Who would have thought that the news of her being the top scholar in three subjects had reached all of Jingdu Even these students of Jingdu University were curious about her.

“Guys, please, she just got here.

Youre scaring her!”

A clear voice broke into the cacophony.

Yun Xi raised her eyebrows at the voice..

She had been waiting for someone to help her get out of the situation.

And who would have thought that Qiao Ximin would have revealed herself so quickly

As Qiao Ximin stepped into the group surrounding Yun Xi, the crowd of upperclassmen backed away, making way for her to pass.

Yun Xi turned around in confusion, still wearing an awkward smile on her face.

As soon as her gaze fell on Qiao Ximin, she immediately suppressed the sharp, piercing cold look in her eyes and tucked it where it could not be seen.

In their past life, they had shared much together, as good friends.

Now she had finally met Qiao Ximin in this new lifetime.

She had sworn that in this life she would make Qiao Ximin experience what it felt like to live every day wishing for death.

The longer she lived painfully, the longer Yun Xi could torture her, and the easier it would be to heal the hatred within her heart.

With a slight curl of her lips, Yun Xi considered the girl standing before her.

She was in a long white lace dress, with a light-yellow daisy hair clip tucked behind her ear.

She looked as refreshing as the proverbial girl-next-door.

Her goddess-like innocence had been exactly what the men had liked.

For young men, the more innocent a pretty girl was, the more it stirred up their emotions.

Qiao Ximin had satisfied this aspect for them completely.

She was from a famed family with exceptional looks and the welcoming warmth of a proper lady.

She had no arrogant attitude toward others, and she had successfully captured the hearts of seniors and juniors alike.

She had not changed much from the last life.

She had always been at the center of mens admiration and womens jealousy.

Back then, Yun Xi had merely been a foil to her.

The present was different.

She stood before her now and she was not less than her.

In fact, she possessed more appeal and elegant charm than Qiao Ximin.

She had made a point to dress up today.

It might be an ordinary vintage dress, but after some modifications by Ling Jing, its appearance and presence had risen many levels.

Her classic timeless beauty stood out more than the simple innocence of Qiao Ximin.

Everyone was completely transfixed by Yun Xi.

They both might have been wearing long, flowing dresses, but the elegance of Yun Xis dress made her seem like a lady from a well-established household.

On the other hand, the forced innocence of Qiao Ximin backfired and made her seem rather plain and uncouth.

It lacked presence.

The meeting was one between a small familys precious daughter and a woman from an established household.

Their beauties were in constant competition.

However, Qiao Ximin was acutely aware that a bunch of her crowd of male admirers were defecting to Yun Xi.

None of them could look away from Yun Xi, and the glory and admiration that had once belonged to her had been drained away by the newcomer.

The frustration in her heart rushed up to her throat and made her speechless.

If Yun Xi had not had any value for her, she would never have allowed anyone to be more beautiful and talented than she was.

Qiao Ximin maintained a gentle, kind smile on her face and tried to untangle her from this situation, all for the sake of getting on Yun Xis good side.

“No need to crowd around her.

Shes still new here! Dont scare her!”

“Thank you, senior!” Yun Xi smiled brightly, her curled eyelashes covering the cold stare in her eyes.

She opened her mouth and asked, “Are you from the Medical School too, senior”

“No, Im from the Business School.” Qiao Ximin smiled.

“Give us some space, our junior here will be late if you dont! Come on, Ill take you to the Medical School building.”

“That would be great! Thank you, senior.”

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