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Chapter 992: Yun Xis Shadow

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They had finally come face-to-face, but it was completely different from how it had been in their last lifetimes.

Yun Xi followed behind Qiao Ximin.

The smile gradually disappeared from her face, and she knew it was necessary to hide that look of hatred in her eyes.

There was still a long way to go.

There were going to be so many traps waiting for Qiao Ximin, and Yun Xi hoped that she would be able to hang on till the end.

If not, this game of revenge would no longer be fun.

The students in the Medical School saw the pretty Qiao Ximin of the Business School walking over with a girl.

They suddenly realized that this girl must be the only female new student in Medical School this year.

Other than that, she was also a legendary top scholar.

Their curiosity exploded just like fireworks in the air.

All the students got up and walked over to watch the girls approach.

The commotion alerted the people from other faculties, and they also ran over to see what was happening.

All eyes were on the new student, as she was a top scholar and one of the rare few female medical students.

And, seeing that the new girl looked even prettier than Qiao Ximin, no one seemed to care that Qiao Ximin was there.

The crowd was getting large and unruly, and Qiao Ximin was pushed to the side.

Her face darkened instantly.

Yun Xi stood innocently among the crowd.

Now that she had become the center of attention, she didnt know whether to laugh or cry.

However, Yun Xi felt extremely happy as she saw that Qiao Ximin was fuming but had nowhere to vent.

Yun Xi felt great as long as Qiao Ximin was unhappy.

The School of Information Science was just next to the Medical School, so there were tons of boys standing around.

In addition, Yun Xi had arrived a little late, so the medical students in her year were already all there.

Now, she was the only girl among all these boys, and obviously standing out in the crowd.

“Hey, the Medical School really lucked out this year.

Their only female student is so beautiful.”

“Do you want to consider changing your major Come to the School of Information Science.

We can repair computers, help change your light bulbs, and do anything.”

“Go away! You guys are just a bunch of data boys.

Whats so great about that”

“How about joining the School of Finance We will make sure you dont fail any of your modules.”

“How about joining us in the School of Communications We had a pupil who is now a superstar.”


All the seniors were teasing each other and trying their best to get Yun Xi to switch to their faculties.

Yun Xi looked at all the energetic faces, and she remembered her college days in her previous life.

It had been so dull then that she did not even know everyone in her class.

Having the chance to come back to life, Yun Xi will not allow herself to lead a wretched life again.

Yun Xi said nothing and just smiled politely at all the students milling around her.

Then, finally, a senior from the Medical School spoke out.

Yun Xi remembered that his name was He Ningxun.

He was the one who had received her at university in her previous life also.

“Move aside, people! It wasnt easy for us to finally get a beautiful girl.

So why are you all jumping into this”

He Ningxun stood up tall and pointed at all the boys in the Medical School behind him.

“All of her escorts are here.

So now, all of you who are welcoming her and trying to poach her to your faculties… No way!”

“You wish! You can only wish.”

No one knew who had said that, but everyone in the crowd started laughing.

He Ningxun stepped forward and reached out to Yun Xi and shook her hand.

“I am He Ningxun.

Welcome to the School of Medicine.”

“Thank you.” Yun Xi shook his hand politely.

She then turned to look at everyone who had gathered around.

“I am Yun Xi.

Its a pleasure to meet everyone.”

“We are all in the same school, so we should help the new students.

Also, Yun Xi, the School of Finance is not far from the Medical School, so come to visit often!”


Ill be there.”

Yun Xi stood out like a big superstar in the crowd.

Because of how precious and outstanding she was, she had attracted everyones attention in a very short time.

No one would have gotten hurt if there were no comparisons made.

Qiao Ximin had deliberately tried to help Yun Xi get some attention from the others.

However, she did not expect that she would end up becoming Yun Xis shadow..

No one cared that she was there too.

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