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Chapter 995: Most Handsome in the World

Yun Xi really wanted to beat up this big child, who had just woken up, clung onto her, and refused to let go.

She lay stiffly on him, and she rubbed his cold arms with her hands.

Then she got up after he had finally warmed up.

“Have you eaten”

Mu Feichi shook his head innocently.

Yun Xi realized that she couldnt get angry at all when looking at his handsome face, especially when he gave her such an innocent look.

“Then what do you want to eat Instant noodles I dont think theres anything here.”

“Babe, theres everything in the refrigerator.

Do you really have the heart to serve me instant noodles”

Mu Feichi had gotten someone to stock the refrigerator this morning, so it would be convenient for her to cook.

“Really” Yun Xi went to take a look at the refrigerator.

There was a variety of vegetables and meats in the fridge, so it would not be difficult to make supper.

Mu Feichi sat up and looked at Yun Xi getting busy in the kitchen.

He rarely got to enjoy such a warm, cozy moment.

He had always longed for the warmth of a home and moments like this.

But it was a pity that he rarely had had such experiences, as he had spent most of his time in the army.

His memories of his mother were getting fuzzier.

But after being with Yun Xi on Tianyu Mountain, the image of her cooking had been burned into his memory.

Actually, Mu Feichi doesnt know why he fell so deeply in love with Yun Xi.

But it felt like home when he looked at her.

She made a simple supper with two dishes and a soup, but Mu Feichi ate it with gusto.

Yun Xi watched him eat as she served herself, just like he was a child.

“I heard that your friend from Muyang was accepted into Jingdu University”

Although Mu Feichi had all the information about Tang Cheng, he would like to hear Yun Xis impression of this childhood friend.

“Thats right! Hes in the School of Business.

When I came to Jingdu from the countryside, hes the one who gave me his pocket money to cover my travel expenses.

Since we were very young, he was the only one who would play with me when everyone else thought I would bring bad luck to the people around me.

The other kids would avoid me as if they were worried that I would curse them.

Thinking back, it was rather funny.”

People in her hometown strongly believed in these superstitious thoughts.

But yet the man in front of her had never been bothered about it.

“Everyone believes in different things.

Some people make up stupid stories because of fear.

While others are dark at heart, so they need to think they are doing something righteous to comfort themselves.

You are different from them, so you only need to believe in yourself and believe in me.”

Yun Xi couldnt help but laugh as she had not expected Mu Feichi to praise himself suddenly.

“You really know how to flatter yourself.”

“I am capable and good-looking.

Do you really think I still need to do that”

“Yes, yes, I know.

You are the most handsome person in the world!”

Yun Xi really cant compliment him enough for being so bold and full of himself.

“But I am no longer the Yun Xi I was when I reached Jingdu.

Tang Cheng and I are on different paths.

I cant drag him into this, so I need to think of ways to keep my distance from him.

I will blame myself if anything happens to him.”

Tang Cheng has his own life to live.

He has his path to walk on and his dreams to fulfill.

She cant be selfish and destroy his beliefs.

Also, she is going to have to deal with life and death every day in her future life and social circle.

She cant turn his life into something similar.

Mu Feichi nodded and said nothing.

He seemed to agree with her, but he also looked like he had other plans in mind.

University began.

As Yun Xi was so famous, she quickly became the belle of the Medical School.

Her identity as the top scholar also spread throughout Jingdu University.

Liang Xinyi heard everything about her when she entered Jingdu University.

She couldnt avoid hearing all this without her hatred and jealousy for Yun Xi exploding.

All this talk made her highly frustrated and disgusted!

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