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Chapter 996: Distance Between Them

Liang Xinyi had no business talent, so she chose the Department of Communications.

Si Wenxuan had also chosen the Department of Communications and was eager to get her degree.

Si Wenxuan, as the daughter of the President, was a renowned figure at Jingdu University, second only to Yun Xi, who had been the top scholar in three subjects.

Although she deliberately tried to remain low key, many people still knew who she was.

They attempted to suck up to her to get into her good books and even established groups to support her.

Even the leaders of the school felt that they had to give special treatment to this student for fear that if they neglected her even a bit, it would negatively impact the university.

As soon as Si Wenxuan arrived at the university, she completely ignored the warnings she had gotten from her father, Si Jingting.

She was easily swayed, especially because there were so many people who praised her to the sky.

She had never enjoyed this sense of superiority before, and the feeling was completely different from being carefully attended to when she was in the Presidents official residence.

Her classmates displayed undisguised admiration toward her and showered her with flattery.

Even though she thought they were ridiculous, they still made her feel that she must be very fascinating.

Mu Feichi listened to the report from the school and threw it down on the table.

“Take this and show it to the President.

I dont have the time or the desire to discipline her.

A few idiotic classmates have stroked her ego, and she now thinks shes an angel with wings who can fly into the sky.

It seems that she has completely forgotten about the kidnapping incident that occurred previously.”

“Dont be upset, Young Commander.

I have already sent someone to stay by her side.

There wont be any danger.”

“Leave her alone.

Her small brain has not inherited the wisdom and calmness of her parents at all.

Whats the situation with Yun Xi”

“Miss Yun gets along well with her classmates.

Grey Wolf has absolute control over the monitoring of every corner of the university, and he wont miss anything.”

“Thats good!” Mu Feichi nodded and glanced at the time on the computer.

“The military training will start tomorrow.

The weather is too hot, and you must take measures to deal with that.”

“Yes, sir!” Qi Yuan replied.

“On a separate note, we have already brought in Tang Cheng.

Young Commander, do you…”

“Bring him here!” Mu Feichi waved his hand and put away the documents he had been reviewing before standing up.

He seemed an arrogant figure as he stood in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows.

The reflection of the setting sun shone on his cold, handsome face.

He was standing in a dimly lit spot, and his face was dark and unpredictable.

When he saw Qi Yuan, Tang Cheng already knew who had invited him over.

He did not expect to see Qi Yuan again when he came to Jingdu.

They had met once in Muyang Town some time ago.

However, when he saw the legendary Young Commander of Jun Country, he was still startled.

He had never imagined meeting such a notable character.

“Please have a seat.” Mu Feichi turned and nodded at him.

He turned on the projector on the desk and played the Zone A CCTV footage that he had received from Commander Mu.

Tang Cheng looked at the man who was standing by the window in a daze and then looked at the scene projected on the white wall.

Suddenly, he saw Yun Xis figure appear, and he stood up abruptly from his chair.

“Yun Xi…” He did not know if this was happening now or if it had already happened.

He stared at her walking stealthily through the night and killing her prey with one shot after another.

The scene finally cut to the battle between her and the wolves.

The bloody, gory sight nearly sent his heart leaping out of his throat.

“Be careful!” Looking at the visual being projected on the wall, Tang Cheng suddenly shouted.

The scene was followed by heavy gunfire that shook his eardrums.

The picture froze, and the lights in the room turned back on.

Tang Cheng looked the figure by the window who was looking at him.

It took him a long time to calm himself down after watching that scene play out.

If what hed seen was true, the Yun Xi who was still smiling brightly in front of him was no longer the Yun Xi he knew.

He did not know what kind of training she had endured this year or what tribulations she had gone through.

When he saw all this, things changed in an instant.

It turned his assumptions upside down and forced him to see that the distance between Yun Xi and himself was insurmountable.

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