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Chapter 997: Tang Cheng Is Enlightened

Standing in the doorway, Qi Yuan watched the forlorn figure coming out of Mu Feichis study.

He led him out of Mu Mansion and drove him away from Tianyu Mountain.

“Brother Qi, what exactly has Yun Xi experienced this year I can feel that she is getting farther and farther away from me…”

“She is trying to become stronger and grow.

She still has a lot of things to accomplish and does not allow herself to have too many shortcomings or weaknesses.

In the year since you have seen her, she has been kidnapped twice and faced assassination several times.

Do you know what that means”

“How could this be” Tang Cheng turned his head abruptly.

He fixed his eyes that were filled with disbelief on Qi Yuans profile.

“She is only a young girl.

How can she be involved in this kind of thing”

As they were driving, Qi Yuan told him all about what had happened this year.

What the Young Commander did not want to tell him himself, Qi Yuan shared with Tang Cheng on his behalf.

After listening to Qi Yuan, Tang Cheng bowed his head and said nothing.

He had grown up with her, sharing happy and unhappy events, but now he found that some things were no longer as simple as he had thought.

“Then what should I do As you said, I dont want to be her weak link, let alone a threat to her.

But I dont want to leave her like this.

I will protect her…”

“You dont have to protect her.

Cant you see the Young Commanders attitude”

“…” With this reminder, Tang Cheng finally understood why the man in the study had not said a word and only showed him the video.

It turned out that he was the one who would protect her, and the reason why she worked so hard was so she could stand by him as an equal.

Even so, he would keep his promise and strive to become a person qualified to protect her, no matter in what way.

On the day of the beginning of the military training, Yun Xi saw Tang Cheng, who came to say good-bye to her.

She was unprepared for this sudden incident.

“Before I came to Jingdu University, the town was already recruiting soldiers.

I passed the physical examination in all aspects, but my mother was reluctant to have me endure hardships, so I let my dad go through the back door and pull some strings.

I thought that I could escape, but, unexpectedly, I still have to be a soldier.”

This was the best excuse that he could think of, and it was the most suitable one because it was the least likely to make her doubt him.

“Why are you so rebellious You gave me a shock.

I thought you were about to be caught and sent to jail!”

“How is that possible Its not as serious as you think.”

“Thats good! But its also good to serve as a soldier.

You can be proud of defending your home and country.

I will be proud of you.”

“Yeah! Yun Xi…” Tang Cheng looked at her in silence for a moment.

He took a deep breath and forced a smile with all his might, “When I return, lets talk for hours again.”

“Sure!” Seeing him get on the military vehicle, she watched this upbeat lad go farther and farther away.

In the two years that had passed since then, Yun Xi has not seen Tang Cheng, but occasionally receives letters from him.

There was little content in the letters he sent.

Apart from the updates about his well-being and safety, he only asked after her.

It was not until Tang Cheng appeared again as an executive director that she realized that he had protected her for so many years because of a promise.

The weather during the military training was blisteringly hot, and a group of fresh recruits stood on the drilling ground and complained endlessly.

Yun Xi stood silently in the crowd, wearing her new camouflage uniform.

The rough material was heavy on her body and protected her from the harsh sunlight, giving her a bit of relief from the sun.

However, for other people who had not undergone any training, wearing clothes was hotter than not wearing them, especially standing in a military posture under the sun, which was a slow form of torture.

Si Wenxuan started to give up a few minutes after standing up, and Qi Yuan, who was leading the military training for the Department of Communications and the Department of Finance, stood in front of the group and acted as if he hadnt noticed her and said coldly, “If anyone in the team breaks the rules, everyone will be punished!”

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