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Chapter 998: Si Wenxuan Has No Discipline

In a flash, the whole team became angry.

Qi Yuan stood indifferently, as if he did not hear anything, and whistled to get the team to fall back into order.

Because Si Wenxuan had broken the rules, their punishment to stand in military posture for half an hour had been extended to an hour.

The other teams had already stopped their training in order to rest, but this group had to endure collective punishment because of Si Wenxuan.

Under the hot sun, this group standing in military posture in the scorching sun was sweating buckets, and some people were feeling lightheaded from the harsh weather conditions.

They felt even more tormented looking at the students from the other departments, who were sitting and resting under the shade of the trees opposite them.

It was hardly necessary for Qi Yuan to point out the cause of their punishment.

Everyone immediately detested Si Wenxuans unreasonable behavior.

Even though she was the Presidents beloved daughter and had an honorable status, she had single-handedly had a negative impact on the entire group.

As the culprit, it was inevitable for her to endure the anger and hatred of everyone.

That was Qi Yuans tactic to deal with this kind of princess syndrome.

He couldnt do anything to her because she was the beloved daughter of the President, but it did not mean that the others were not able to.

The group think seemed scattered, but once it involved everyones self- interest, the team could be linked together like a twisted rope.

Standing in the shade, Yun Xi looked at Si Wenxuan, who was still suffering.

Because she had broken the rules, the entire team had to endure the punishment together.

The people who had flattered her previously were probably regretting it now.

She should be thankful that Mu Feichi hadnt come yet.

If he were here, he would only be harder on her.

However, just when she thought that Mu Feichi wasnt going to come, a commotion stirred among the quiet crowd, and everyone looked to the other end of the drilling ground.

In front of the group of freshmen dressed in camouflage uniforms, an imperious figure appeared.

Black sunglasses covered most of his handsome face.

On his dark green camouflage uniform, the unique badge that belonged to the Young Commander of Jun Country was synonymous with his imposing aura.

He was impressive and domineering.

After a pause, he walked around the crowd and quickly spotted Yun Xi.

He did not walk up to her, but his tall figure quickly headed toward the dark green ranks in front of him.

His stride was like a soldier, upright and powerful.

Standing in front of this group, he swept his sharp eyes over the young faces in the team.

His gaze was penetrating and discerning.

His innate fortitude as a soldier came to life instinctively.

Standing at the forefront, Si Wenxuan crumbled when she saw Mu Feichi appear, and she walked over to him whining and accused Qi Yuan of being cold-blooded and ruthless.

The team was on the brink of completing their one-hour punishment.

However, Si Wenxuan had suddenly broken the rules again, so Qi Yuan blew his whistle unceremoniously and pointed at Si Wenxuan to return to the team.

The crowd of students protested disgruntledly.

All of them whispered and complained about Si Wenxuan.

Si Wenxuan was also annoyed.

She had never received such harsh training and felt that Qi Yuan was deliberately targeting her.

However, she did not understand that it was discipline.

As a soldier, obeying orders and being disciplined was part of the package.

His harsh training was for their benefit, and it was to teach them what were principles and what was discipline.

It was a pity that Si Wenxuan was spoiled and accustomed to a comfortable life.

She did not have a single clue about the duties of a soldier, let alone what discipline was.

Because she alone had broken the rules again, the teams punishment was extended to an hour and a half.

There were people among the ranks who fainted and fell on the ground.

Those who didnt faint were cursing Si Wenxuan out loud for being stupid.

Si Wenxuan could not bear it and suddenly walked over to Qi Yuan once again.

“On what basis are you punishing us Isnt it almost an hour already Adding on the earlier punishment, it has already been more than an hour.

Qi Yuan, dont go too far!”

“Miss Si, this is discipline.

If you have any dissatisfaction, please feel free to lodge a complaint against me.

I have a clear conscience.”

“Brother Feichi…” Si Wenxuan had nothing to say because of Qi Yuans self-righteous attitude, but she could not accept this, so she turned to Mu Feichi to voice her complaints.

“Look at him! Hes too much! How can he treat us like this! We are not his soldiers!”

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